Li Ning opens up the U.S. market through electric dealers

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Ruku Ming, chief executive of the company, said in an interview 15th, China Sporting goods company Li Ning will use the network and social media to enter the North American market, through e-commerce sites to open up the U.S. market business.

The digital Li Ning is a joint venture between Li Ning Company and the American Electronic commerce and digital marketing company Acquity Group. Ruku Ming said: "Li-ning company does not intend to enter the United States through Low-cost strategy, we hope that through brand building and the latest brand concept, and through the future of the main way of retail sales online to achieve the goal. ”

In general, Chinese companies to enter the U.S. market, the use of "low-cost strategy", Chinese brands to overseas consumers are basically the impression of winning at a low price. However, Li Ning Company intends to abandon this old road.

In the number of Li Ning's online shop, including basketball, running and fitness three categories of products, price and Adidas, Nike and other well-known sports brands are basically the same style.

Ruku Ming said the new company's products do not want to attract young consumers with low prices, but to win the design concept. Through product design embodied in Oriental philosophy to achieve the concept of physical and mental unity to achieve the balance of motion for the younger generation of American consumers to provide a new perspective and choice.

As for the sales model, the digital Li Ning boldly adopts the network sale method. Ruku Ming said he was convinced that online sales were the most efficient way. "The U.S. retail market will be dominated by internet sales over the next decade," he said. ”

Ruku Ming said that the 2011 U.S. E-commerce and mobile internet two major segments of investment in the most active, the total E-commerce transactions in the United States amounted to 160 billion U.S. dollars, of which the total brand electric dealer transactions amounted to 100 billion U.S. dollars.

In addition, the digital-li-Ning products will cover young people fully through new media such as app online stores and social networks, aiming at the high level of activity among young people in social media.

Ruku Ming Frankly, brand building is not short-term can be completed, Chinese brands to become a global brand, probably still need decades. Li Ning will also widely use the NBA star cooperation, promote the concept of Oriental sports philosophy, all-round expansion of brand influence.

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