Li Shihe: TD's current commercial bottleneck is not terminal

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C114 November 2 (in Art WAN) in a recent test instrument manufacturer's relocation ceremony, TD-SCDMA Father Li Shihe accepted the C114 China Communication Network interview. Talking about the development of TD at this stage, Li Shihe clearly pointed out: "Now the bottleneck of TD is not terminal."  October 27, the Ministry of Industry held 2009 years ago three quarterly industrial and Telecommunications Industry economic Operation Press conference, the information announced at the meeting, as at October 9, the Ministry of Public Service issued TD Terminal License 192, including 83 TD mobile phones, 89 TD data cards and 20 TD fixed wireless terminals. Network optimization needs at least two or three years ago, TD Terminal has been criticized as the bottleneck of the industry development, however, 3G run for nearly a year, TD-SCDMA terminal access to the network license is the most of the three 3G. At the moment, Li Shihe: "TD at this stage of the bottleneck is the network and business." "Now we have also seen many of China's mobile branches are stepping up the construction of the network, but I said the network does not mean the construction itself, but the network optimization, it is much longer than the network construction time."  "Li Shihe said. China Mobile obtained TD-SCDMA 3G licences on January 7, 2009. Up to now, China Mobile has carried out three TD network construction, providing TD-SCDMA 3G service in 238 cities nationwide.  Since the second half of this year, China Mobile has always been the TD's network optimization as the most important. "When the 2G network was first built, there was no such good effect. Take Beijing For example, a 2G network optimization of 5 years to achieve the existing coverage, TD's network optimization will be two or three years faster, so users have to have some patience.  "Li Shihe said. Data Service training takes time Li Shihe It is pointed out that the network optimization is a bottleneck in the development of TD at this stage. "3G of data Services, users from understanding to accept again to love, need a process, Japanese operators in 5 years or so time to train users to use 3G business, Europe also spent two or three years, so, this kind of thing also cannot be anxious."  "Li Shihe said. All along, the entire industry sector has not positioned 3G as voice communications, wider bandwidth, higher speed to the 3G development of data services more space.  2G era, SMS became the Chinese national market killer application, at the beginning of the 3G development, has not seen any application in the true sense of the fore. However, TD-SCDMA operator China Mobile is ahead in data applications.  August 17, 2009, China Mobile in Beijing officially announced the mobile App Store, harsh, the launch of the platform in early October this year, the data showed that in less than two months, the application has reached 1683. and Li Shihe for TD's support to the data business is full of confidence. "The best support for mobile data services in three 3G formats is TD-SCDMA, which has been taken seriously by overseas operators," he said.  According to TD-SCDMA Industry Alliance information, TD-SCDMA in South Korea, Taiwan, Burma, Hong Kong set up a pilot model network, in Canada with the Trlab test system, Italy, Ghana and Egypt are also in the TD test. Author: Yu Yi Wan Source: C114 China Communication Network
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