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In the gradual popularization of the Internet today, 3G technology has sneaked into our lives, according to the relevant department statistics, now more than tens of millions of users using 3g network. What does that mean? This means that we just need to take the phone with us to enjoy the convenience that the Internet brings us. Entertainment, news, communications, shopping and so on everywhere, it is clear that we have entered the real digital age, but also means that information transmission faster and simpler.

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"The wine is not afraid of the alley deep" has become the past

"The wine is not afraid of the alley deep" means: if the fermented rice is good, even in the deep alley, someone will smell incense, come to taste. Chen Cellar a open incense thousands of miles, the alcoholic will not because the alley deep and daunting, and eventually will find it. This sentence has also been used in shopping malls, that is, as long as the product is good, customers will automatically "find the door", and do not need targeted advertising and advertising products. However, in the present life, the market competition is increasingly fierce, similar, different types of products are numerous, under normal circumstances, most customers can not distinguish the authenticity of products, more can not distinguish between the effect or quality. In other words, "good wine" more, "alcoholic" also do not know where to do, so "wine is not afraid of alley deep" marketing model has become the past.

Build brands, businesses need to take the initiative

Since "good wine" more, the competition is big, it is impossible to "wait for" the arrival of the customer. In the smoke-free market war, we must take effective measures and actively attack, at the same time we must understand, so that the maximum customer understanding of product quality to compare is a very important link. However, to allow customers a greater degree of trust in products, we must establish a brand in the eyes of customers, that is, we often say brand marketing. Good products plus brand, only to accumulate users, and even allow users to voluntarily "Word-of-mouth" marketing, this is the most valuable marketing effect AH!

Network marketing must become a hot spot

From the beginning of this article we can see that the Internet has become an essential part of our lives, now like online shopping more and more people, with the rise of E-commerce in recent years, many manufacturers and companies have successfully through network marketing in the Internet to share a cup of soup, and even many individuals have become millionaires through the Internet. Now, the 3G network is developing rapidly, Li Xinglong believes that in the next two years, 3G network will move towards the popularization. At the same time, the development of E-commerce will be more mature, online shopping will be more popular, so, network marketing will certainly become a new focus.

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