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Some of the previous articles have been written to share some personal experiences and experiences. has been a lot of friends with QQ and QQ group to communicate with me, but let me feel the headaches of things to connect 蹱. Personal Novice in the process of learning and communication to find a lot of problems, perhaps so many friends have gone a lot of detours, the following, Li Xinglong summed up this period of time for beginners to learn some of the problems, although not perfect, but for more than 80 of the friends have made the following error, so or write out the problem, I hope we can learn lessons. (Small hint: This article by Li Xinglong (formerly: Ice Warm) Original, reprint please keep. )

A mistake.

Most novice friends like to ask questions in a straightforward style. See which master likes to stick to the past, flatter a few words and then directly ask questions. This kind of way most people are using, imagine, the other side why want to help you? Your question why not go to Baidu? A simple flattery, a plain compliment, and then immediately spit out their own problems, will not make people feel very tired of it? After all, the experts will receive every day n such information, may have been very tired, I guess you don't have anyone to ask for this.

Wrong two, the upper beam extraction ladder

Some novice friends to join the group will immediately report to, and finally have been diving, a few months have not come out to discuss, and some friends to join the group, immediately raised the question, we answered, also to a few months not to speak. Is this way of learning effective? See a related QQ group on Add, see a Master QQ on add, in the end QQ friends a lot of, do not know which is which, QQ Group A lot, did not have a lot of words, and even forgot what group they added. Is this not a waste of "space"? To the last thing can not learn, is still their own loss AH! The proposal or exit part of the deserted group, leaving a few active high group is enough.

Mistake three, solitary

See the Master QQ add a, add immediately after the question, this is also a lot of friends a big mistake. Since left the QQ group, why not to the group to communicate with you? Communication is the quickest way to progress. If you are the master, innocent people to ask you some questions, you will be in the mood to answer? Even you may find this person annoying. Will you be free to answer these people's Questions? Do you have that much time? You have to know, the master is busy, where there is so much time to answer these questions? Suggestions added to the group, ask questions, and more to communicate with you, solve problems together, progress together, this is the best way ah! (Small hint: This article by Li Xinglong (formerly: Ice Warm) Original, reprint please keep. )

Error Iv. General questions

Found that many friends will ask some very simple questions, such as: "How to promote Ah?", "What is the promotion of the way ah?", "What is the fastest way to promote?"

My God, how can I answer such a question? Everyone has their own methods, the simple method of practice to the extreme is the trick, according to their actual situation to use and learn it, methods and skills are summed up, it is impossible to say you can understand, a lot of things still need to experience and summary. Some novice friends of the question to Baidu search, I believe you will see more than others to resolve better answers.

Of course, above is the novice in the study found four taboo, whether you are learning to promote or study optimization, or to learn other unrelated knowledge, as long as you correct the above four errors, correct mentality, I believe you will recognize more friends, learn more things. The most important way to learn is to communicate, in fact, there is no so-called shortcut, if I want to say a shortcut method, I will say "communication is the fastest way to learn progress."

Finally, thank you for your support and encouragement to Li Xinglong. Welcome to join Li Xinglong Network Promotion Exchange Group: 32932120 share with us and exchange your experiences and learning experience. Hope to join the friends to correct the above errors first (although I am not a master, hehe!).

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