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On July 25, 2014, Lianzhong Games (06899, HK) held its "Dream New Voyage" listing celebration dinner in Beijing to celebrate its successful listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. José Damiani, Chairman of the International Intellectual Property Movement Union, Liu Jiehua, Secretary General of China Audio Tune Association, Chairman of Chinese Culture Foundation, Chairman of Shanghai Culture, Radio, Film and Television Group Li Ruigang, Chairman of Air Net's Board of Directors Wang Lei Lei, Secretary General of GMGC Song Wei, Chess St. Nie Weiping and other guests and Lianzhong founder, management, staff come together to share the success of Lianzhong listed on the happiness and joy, Imagine a better future.

Lianzhong chairman, co-CEO Yang Qing at the dinner review Lianzhong's listing. As one of the earliest Internet companies in China, Lianzhong has gained brilliant achievements and also encountered ups and downs and twists and turns. This time the successful listing in Hong Kong, Lianzhong people with their own persistence, courage to Lianzhong created a leapfrog development of new platforms and new opportunities. Yang Qing said first of all to thank the founder Bao Yueqiao, Jane crystal, Wang Jianhua 16 years ago created Lianzhong. Second, thanks to Lianzhong 400 million users, because of them, Lianzhong only move forward. Third, I want to thank the relevant government agencies for their guidance. Fourth, thanks to the controlling shareholders of Lianzhong, thanks to the strategic investment shareholders, their support and cooperation, will be the accelerator of the development of Lianzhong. Fifth, thanks to Lianzhong together to build the industrial chain partners. Lastly, I want to thank Lianzhong's colleagues and everyone for their insistence and victory today. Yang Qing said: "Looking back, we have come a long way, but the front of the landscape is better. We have a dream, to become China's best brand of chess industry, not only to become China's leader, we have to go to the world , Bring our chess culture to a broader stage. "

Lianliang company co-CEO Ng Kwok-liang to share with the guests dreams of the constant source of motivation: Chess as a long history of folk games enjoys popular support in China, a huge audience, has a long life cycle. After 10 years, most people play games chess, 50 years later will be chess. Lianzhong is by virtue of this feature insisted 16 years, shaping a brand, creating a platform. While looking into the future prospect of Lianzhong, Wu Guoliang said that Lianzhong has brought chess and card games to the mobile terminal and achieved very good results with a download volume of nearly 80 million. Lianzhong will also establish Lianzhong as a global leader in chess and card industry by pushing chess and card games into television set-top boxes into millions of households, combining online and offline activities with large-scale activities, and deeply cooperating with television stations to create chess and column programs.

Lianzhong Bao Yueqiao founder, Jane crystal, Wang Jianhua also attended the dinner. Bao Yueqiao mentioned in his speech, Lianzhong's development, has exceeded the aspirations of its establishment. Although after twists and turns difficult, but the results are proud. At the gala dinner, guests such as Liu Jiehua, secretary general of China Music Association, Chairman of Chinese Culture Foundation, Chairman of Shanghai Culture, Radio, Film and Television Group Li Ruigang, Chairman Wang Leilei of Kongzhongwang's Board of Directors, and Song Wei of GMGC Secretary-General spoke in succession, Future development ambitious. Liu Jiehua said that GoTo's listing means "success from success to success." In his speech, Li Ruigang mentioned that the passion and vitality of the Lianzhong team and the spirit of pursuing their dreams are worth learning. Lianzhong will be an important investment platform for the Chinese culture fund. In the future, Wang Lei Lei appears that Wang Lianzhong from the trough to the new students, is worthy of respect for the brand and company, and look forward to Lianzhong become the world's largest chess entertainment company; Secretary-General Song Wei shared his knowledge of Lianzhong, he considered perseverance, Love, ambition achievements Lianzhong leap in development.

Mr. Nie Weiping, the chess champion, Jiang Chuan, the Chinese chess world champion, and Feng Xuefeng, the bridge women's world champion, shared the interesting stories of their games played on the Lianzhong platform on behalf of the 400 million Lianzhong users at the dinner party. Nie Weiping said that Lianzhong is not "playing" but conducting formal sports competitions. These projects play an important role in popularizing the chess and card culture and realizing the Chinese dream.

On the evening, Lianzhong CEO Wu Guoliang also presented a letter of appointment to Mr. Jos Dario Liani, President of the Alliance for International Mental Movement, inviting him to become an honorary advisor to Lianzhong Company. The move will be an important step for Lianzhong's international development strategy and further develop Lianzhong's role in the international development of China's intellectual competitive sport.

As a leading online gaming platform in China, Lianzhong has a strong brand name and a leader in online and offline business. Over 200 online checkers featuring a wide range of online games constitute a combination, making Lianzhong has a powerful integrated platform. Lianzhong has successfully held many high-profile online and offline comprehensive events and has created a good business synergy with its own network platform. Believe that with the successful listing of Lianzhong, Lianzhong become the online game industry leader in the strategic objectives will mean the day can be expected.

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