Liao Lui: Women entrepreneurs pay more attention to products

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Dictation | Sino-New Tianjin Eco-City National Animation Park Vice general manager Liao Lui Finishing | Liu Chen

I come into contact with a number of female entrepreneurs have some cultural and creative colors, such as animation film and television, advertising media, as well as based on the television shopping based on the online e-commerce. They do the things women like, to petty bourgeoisie, small fresh, literary and artistic, mostly, young girls like, can generate purchasing power. There are few women entrepreneurs in pure science and technology.

Most of the time, women entrepreneurs focus on the product and are slightly weaker in view. They think more about how to make the customer experience better, how to make the product finer, more perfect, more lovable, let the consumer group like more. But for the whole enterprise how to finance, enterprises in the next few years to which direction of development, consider less. Of course, a lot of women entrepreneurs don't really think about it, but they're not good at building structures.

By communicating with some female entrepreneurs, I feel that most of their difficulties are in the open capital market is more confused. But when it comes to opening up the user market, women entrepreneurs are confident. When communicating with consumers, women entrepreneurs tend to be more approachable and more likely to accept her products. In the capital market, they are rarely able to easily, will take the initiative to talk about the market, the future of women entrepreneurs very few.

In the enterprise communication process, some women will be more powerful, but also some more clear about their weaknesses, such as not too familiar with the capital market, simply to the partners to do, their own focus on the product. Of course, this is based on mutual trust between the two sides.

In the National Animation Park, female entrepreneurs are still very small groups, is the founder's identity is very few. But in the management of the park, many of the top number are women. Because in the operation, management of the park, the most important, the core of the business is to provide the most intimate services to the park. It doesn't take much to break the spirit and the spirit of adventure. Women in the service industry is very patient, careful, to serve the supremacy of a better grasp, will be as much as possible to tap customer needs, so I think women more suitable for park management. Huanghaiyan, such as the Zhangjiang incubator, and the Liu Yuewen of the Suzhou Nano-biology Park are women.

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