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Usually home travel who does not have a colds leg cramps of the big disease? In the face of such situations, the most important thing is that the medicine can not stop! Have you eaten today? No, it's okay! This software will help remind you of the medication! "Medication Reminder" is a software that reminds you of the medication. Software In addition to medication reminders, but also your medication record good helper. Friends who need to try it, especially in foreign friends, may be more useful. "Medicine Reminder" software screenshot into the software before use, we need to create their own drug information, if it is foreign medicine will be more convenient, you can search the relevant drug information. Otherwise, Chinese words, you can only manually fill in the type of drug (pills, tablets, powder, agent), dosage, medication and other information. Then the medication to remind, you can fill in each dosage, medication rules, the beginning of the cut-off day, in addition to the tonic function, the need for friends can continue to set up. "Medicine Reminder" software screenshot, in the reminder bar can see the timeline or Calendar view of the medicine to remind, want to keep secret words can set an application lock. Drug records can also be exported for emergencies.
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