Lifting guillotine lifted: Private placement quietly evacuated gem board

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Chengliangliang gem The first batch of listed companies of the lifting of the "flood peak" will be formally arrived in November, and by small, growth "packaging", the gem market overall overvalued value, high P/E high risk is increasingly highlighted. For the two-tier market investors, the arrival of the lifting tide will undoubtedly pose a severe test of confidence.  According to the "First financial daily" reporter statistics, in the lifting of the "flood peak" before the arrival of private equity funds are orderly withdrawal of the gem market.  Wind statistics show that as of August 19, a total of 51 gem listed companies disclosed a semi-annual report, and in these semi-annual reports revealed the top ten circulating stock shareholder list, some private equity funds have quietly left the field. In the case of race-intelligence (300044.SZ), the company had 3 private equity funds in the top ten circulating shares in the first quarter of the year: the Yangtze securities beyond the wealth Management Fund Butler II collection assets control plan holds 181,900 shares, Fujin 3rd Trust plan holds 169,800 shares, and the TRAHK Funds Trust plan holds 153,300 shares.  The company's report shows that the 3 private equity funds are not among the top ten shareholders of the current shares.  51 Gem listed companies reported that the withdrawal of the above-mentioned private equity funds are also Rui Tak (300001.SZ), South Wind Shares (300004.SZ), Ai-er (300015.SZ), Super Graphics Software (300036.SZ), Wambonda (300055.SZ) and other companies. "Private fund fled the gem market in the market to be expected, after all, gem overall valuation is quite high, and the lifting of the flood is coming, the sooner flee the more secure."  A Brokerage fund research center people told reporters. Since the launch of the October 30 last year, the gem market is gradually moving to a very critical time node, which is from November 1 this year, the original shareholder of the gem lifted the "flood peak." Huatai Joint Securities Research Report pointed out that the July 9 closing price, the lifting of the market value will reach 42.2 billion yuan, accounting for the growth of the market value of 82.7 billion 51%.  Among them, November 1 lifted the largest number of shares, the scale of 31.6 billion yuan, the lifting of the market capitalisation ratio up to 38%. According to the reporter understand, this part of the stock right is about to lift the holder of a huge profit space, a few times, more than 10 times times more than, to obtain a circulation rights immediately after the reduction may be the majority of choice. Many in the industry even believe that the lifting tide may bring the gem market valuation level of a big adjustment.
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