"Light of the city" will open a new career, Meng Meng basic career look over

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"The light of the city" will open a new Professional wizard at 31st this month, believe that the mysterious wizard will attract big wave of new friends to come to experience his charm, but the game itself there are 4 of the first open also more tolerant of the occupation, plus the game can be free transfer and skills inheritance, so it is necessary to experience other occupations, Do not understand these 4 inherent professional Meng friends to feel it!

Pastor: The second-highest-ranked skill in the game, as well as very powerful assistive skills.
Main attributes: beliefs, beliefs can increase the damage of faith and divine form skills.
The priest is the only one of 4 professions that can voluntarily use the recovery class to restore the blood of his teammates. "Guardian blessing" can also increase the defensive ability of teammates, purify the bad state of teammates. It is a necessary skill for home travel. The priest can also wear shields to increase his defensive strength and to have the second highest weapon injury in his career. Can fight and can add AH. Recommend a player who likes to work with Snake. The next copy of the necessary occupation oh.

Ranger: With a flexible walking position to avoid monster attacks and have excellent control skills.
Main attributes: Agile, agility can increase the damage of skills and quick form skills.
Most of the Rangers ' skills can be "tied" to monsters, making them unable to act. "Jump shooting" is the Knight's signature skills, after use can make the character a large range of displacement and the leap of the enemy caused "bondage" state. The late copy is far from enough to rely on X-key displacements. Recommend a player who has the coquettish position and prefers a remote attack.

Mage: Possession of damage to the destruction of the Earth and a wide range of group attack skills
Main attribute: Intelligence, intelligence can increase the damage of magic and secret form skills.
The priest was the second weapon in the whole profession. So who's first? Of course it's our FA. The Mage has the first highest level of weapon damage and the largest range of attacks in the entire profession. Skill "Lightning Storm" power 900, the object of attack to reach 20 of the inverse days. But the game is balanced. The Mage's basic blood volume is the lowest in the entire career. Basically by boss touch two will die. It is recommended that you have a smart walk that you already like the second-most-daring player choice.

Warrior: The fastest attack speed and gorgeous attack effect in the whole career.
Main attributes: Power, power can increase the cut, damage and protection of morphological skills damage.
The warrior's professional position in the light of the city is to stand at the front and attract the monster's attack. For teammates to create a good output environment of the occupation. Warriors have the best sense of percussion and brilliant skills in their entire careers. Popular: Playing Warriors and play division is simply two different games ah. One is FPS and one is act. If you're a captain and you like a melee career. Warriors are definitely your choice.
Korea Dragon Valley Original team Development, the 2014 most popular online games "light of the city" The New Professional wizard March 31 debut, the most burning fast action, the Ghost of fire operator!
"The light of the city" hand Grand is about to be released synchronously. As the first heavy end of the domestic tour of the joint release of the game products, the Chinese players will be able to bring a new double action cool experience!
The light of the city official website: http://ds.sdo.com
"The light of the city" Sina Weibo: HTTP://WEIBO.COM/DSSDO
"The light of the city" Tencent Weibo: Http://e.t.qq.com/ds_snda
"About the light of the city."
"The light of the city" is the original by the "Valley of the Dragon" developers South Korea eyedentity Games developed a new Q-Meng fast action games, with cool, love, refreshing three game features, in the world with nearly millions of players, has won the Korean G best RPG, The Ling Award is the most popular prize for several dozens of prizes, such as online games.
Cool--a new generation of engine to create a 3D scene, the player incarnate cute brave bright warriors, self-created career, skills, inheritance and other original play, super-dazzle skill combination of skills to bring you feel the game the concept.
Has the love--q the small lovable character shape, with the big taste scene style, enjoys Korea newest Tide's Q edition fun. Hundreds of kinds of fashion, modelling free DIY, the game everyone can Meng Meng.
Refreshing-really do one key operation, unique combat mode to bring the super real blow texture, and small partners to fight together, challenge the most fun copy, let you really experience the fun of action. Hundreds of kinds of fashion, modelling free DIY, the game everyone can Meng Meng.
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