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Last year, led to a fire, the LED continued to heat up. So the lighting industry, especially led, LED display such keywords are simply profiteering ah. Because of its windfall, so will attract a lot of SEO experts involved in and capital investment, the degree of competition can be imagined. General companies if the beginning of the main keyword positioning in the LED, lighting such popular keywords, then to the limited funds, manpower, time investment, to achieve the ideal ranking, the possibility of almost zero. Therefore, the site early SEO strategy and positioning, can be said to determine whether the site will be a key factor in success. For such a high degree of competition such as lighting SEO industry, nine eight feel with two-level domain name optimization high conversion rate of precision hot long tail keyword, access to high-quality traffic is a good way.

Why do you do that?

1, because the weight of the two domain name is second only to a domain name, used to optimize the hot long tail keyword, first of all in the domain name weight can occupy the main advantage.

2, we put the main direction of optimization to be able to bring high conversion rate, hot search of the long tail keyword, to avoid the main keyword fierce competition, so as to obtain a steady stream of traffic. When you choose this part of the long tail to accumulate a certain number of keywords, the resulting flow of conversion benefits even higher than the main keyword.

3, solve original content source problem: high-quality content, often do seo the most headaches, this is to ensure that the site can be a long-term invincible key factors. For this kind of original content source question, nine eight one proposal is:

According to the characteristics of the lighting industry, the professionals who are familiar with lighting knowledge and experienced in lighting are required to write at least one original article in their field of expertise every day. The article first from the search for some foreign lighting industry's latest professional articles, and then translated, combined with China's actual national conditions and reading habits, edited into a readable article. Because this kind of article specialized, the readability is strong, the content is unique, the user experience is good, therefore the search engine will give the good weight and the rank.

4, the Site links optimization strategy: Do a good job of two domain name keyword optimization, when the domain name content, mention these keywords place, plus the two-level domain name long tail word link, when your site content is maliciously reproduced, collection, these links can bring you a stream of reverse link.

By the way, about the outside chain strategy

Just beginning like China's light web site PR Low, you can through the advertising bit and some high PR value of the industry's website active Exchange links, when the PR update and flow up, you can and the weight of similar sites to establish links. The external link construction method Many, everybody may according to own strength, the network and so on factor, to reasonable play!

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