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[Core Tip] from the user's perspective, access to the entire Internet content cost reduction and process simplification, users can get a better user experience, this is the real user needs.

Yesterday 360 officially launched the Android mobile phone resources search platform-"Thunder mobile phone Search", the content of the search for software, games, e-books, music, ringtones, wallpapers, themes and other 7 categories of download resources.


"Thunder mobile phone Search" Each category contains a large number of resources to search for downloads, users can complete the search and download in the Lightning process, search to the resources after the 360 mobile phone assistant can be a key download to the mobile phone, the use of the process is very convenient.

Give users a simple product

"Thunderbolt Mobile search" and 360 of the rest of the product for the same user group, locked into a small white user. For those who do not know where under the application under the game under the E-book music users, look for and download to the appropriate resources in the past search engines need to go through many jumps, and "Thunder mobile phone Search" on the integration of resources, in the same platform to render.


"Thunder mobile phone Search" in a way and Baidu's "box calculation" is very similar, are to provide users with the most direct service, do not need users to do two jumps, just "Thunder mobile phone Search" on the resources of a large class division, more targeted resources, users may not care about the computer installed is 360 Mobile phone assistant or pea pod or 91 cell phone Butler, the user only consider how to get what they want in the quickest way, the user does not need to do too much selection and judgment, for users, simple enough product is a good product.

Evolution from mobile assistants to content portals

Mobile phone Assistant is the PC-side control of the content of the mobile phone portal, in the mobile Internet in the outbreak phase, the application store has been regarded as the most important flow portal, the application store download recommendations, you can directly determine the number of users of the application. And the rise of mobile aides is seen as a new conduit, also has the huge flow and the content distribution value, grasps the handset assistant's desktop side, is equal to occupy the mobile phone's content entrance to another degree, its value is not only stays in the App distribution, but also has the bigger imagination space, but 360 Mobile phone Assistant will imagine the space has been expanded to become the mobile phone content of the entrance, "Thunder mobile phone Search" is the search end of this portal.

But in fact, not just 360 phone assistants do it, a year ago this time, Pea Pod also released its own new product pea pod hundred treasure bag, pea pod hundred treasure Bag is based on pea pod Software PRODUCT expansion, in the traditional pea pod access to the application of services to increase the access to more resources. Pea pod Treasure Bag the browser and mobile phone assistant, from the simple application assistant to the entire mobile phone content portal, as the desktop to the mobile end of the role of the plumber, from the past application platform, extended to the entire Internet content platform.


And now the "Thunder mobile phone Search" will be a further expansion of the platform, although 360 of mobile phone assistants also built in the "Thunder Mobile phone Search," but will be "Lightning mobile phone Search" This product independent release of the significance is far greater than only 360 mobile phone assistants to provide search services, Independent release to allow more users do not install 360 of mobile phone assistants to use, but also 360 of mobile phone assistants to obtain new users a channel.

"Thunderbolt Mobile search" simple to just a mobile phone resources for vertical search, but users will care about these? Users only care whether the product is good, according to the 360 team on product requirements and product grinding capabilities, access to users is not a difficult task.

Whether it's pea pods or "lightning search", from the user's point of view, access to the entire Internet content cost reduction and process simplification, users can get a better user experience, this is the real user needs.

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