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If you are a consumer who has purchased smart hardware, you will surely hear the following marketing terms, if you are ready to buy a trendy plaything like the smart bracelet, then I hope you'll look forward to the next purchase and not be fooled. If you are an industry practitioner, please do not personally, I this article is not targeted at any company, just want to talk about these marketing terminology behind the story.

"3" minutes "20" Seconds "3000" Taiwan sold out

I have always been disgusted with the behavior of snapping up, the original behavior of limited purchase of consumer electronics is long overdue with the end of the age of food stamps, and new era of society, a business will be limited to buy activities after the completion of such a well ahead of the obvious logical bug propaganda celebration map, And the mentally retarded children who follow the forwarding will also be heartfelt admiration, I really understand incompetence. In the hardware field, casually carry out an established company annual sales of the last Xiang really don't call, thousands of units of sales are not enough to open a mold trial-production scale, not enough water, if you take such a small amount of hype generally there will be two possibilities, the capacity is seriously inadequate or low estimates of sales, large companies are mostly the former, Small companies are mostly the latter. Anyway, I will not buy the goods, buy a thing to rob, I can't afford to lose that person.

The world's first

The world's first such words have long been rotten Street, each company is very generous to their own product name before adding this attribute, even if it is not the word, you can add "fashion" "smart" "technology" and other words to implement the double attribute modification. I would like to ask you to apply for a global patent? Do you know what is PCB? How many agents in your world can you tell me?

The engineering machine is free to replace the old

I'll make an analogy. Easier to image understanding, "there is a company intends to develop a new generation of cool pencils, including research and development costs of 1000 yuan, the promotion cost of 500 yuan, production costs 1000 yuan, a pencil 2 yuan, price 10 yuan, research and development cycle of 3 months, testing 3 months." But the company with Internet thinking is only 1000 yuan, can only spend more than 700 yuan to promote more strongly, first through the micro-letter such a new channel pre-sale 500 out, income 5000 yuan, with customers promise 3 months of delivery, and then set up research and development team began research and development, research and develop three months, research and development, regardless of product quality first shipped out, And at the same time announced that everyone purchased pencil for engineering pencils, 3 months after free to replace the old. Finally, even if two times a pencil can earn 6 yuan, wool out of the sheep.

Engineering machine free of old for the new behind most will have high gross profit, research and development of the uncontrollable, and super high-level marketing planning team three elements, especially high gross profit is the biggest prerequisite.

Sample Shipments

I have done a lot of marketing PR planning, read a lot of senior marketing PR cases, when I saw the "sample shipments", really I and my small partners are stunned, how can we sample shipments so to consumers completely irresponsible rhetoric out! When a group of consumers after the purchase, in addition to the extreme case of the explosion, according to the order of purchase is not taken for granted one thing? And this "kind" all have who, this "kind" is according to what rule smokes, this rule how to make, most do not know. In other words, this "kind" is not an unknown thing. It seems to me to be a pretext for jumping the tickets.

Hardware Open Source

Hardware open Source This marketing card has been playing a lot lately, I think a good hardware open source must have three elements is real hardware open source, similar to the original android like the bottom of the technology, the real strong technical strength, and to enable more developers to rely on their platform to truly make money on the platform of the company. If a company's hardware technology casually in Shenzhen, Dongguan to find a design house are better than you, you still do not open source, in addition to kamphephe media favors no other use.

Confusing sales

The electric dealer invented a word, called a shopping cart, refers to the user want to have not paid the goods, can be unlimited in the shopping cart, businesses can use all the tricks to allow consumers to conduct the final payment behavior, but the number in the cart is not equal to sales, I can choose 100 Lamborghini in my cat account, But does not represent Lamborghini sold 200 million, Lamborghini can not be in the publicity of "a certain tyrants day cat buy Lamborghini 200 million" such propaganda discourse.

False propaganda

In this group of "internet thinking" hardware companies, a bad habit from the internet company also brought too, is to exaggerate the product function. Products have 3 functions, businessmen dare to sell when exaggerated into 12, when consumers ask up, can be righteous words say "Our other 9 features will be updated in subsequent versions." In fact, this is wrong. Hardware mode and software mode on the other day, the user is to spend money to buy the product, when the promised function can not be cashed, consumers can sue the business, if in the rule of law, consumers accuse the enterprise false propaganda a bankruptcy. Hope that businesses in the propaganda on their own.

Finally look at this article, full of negative energy, in the face of start-up enterprises, it is not easy, should not be free to spit them, but businessmen do things, should be "letter" for the first, can not be free to lose the "credibility", do something to break down the supporters of the glasses, especially do not

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