Lin Personal micro Bo revealed the trace of the cotton net, want to do high-tech content stockings?

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The Vcotton Cotton Net ( which falls into the redundancy door has kept silent to the recent negative news, its CEO Lin, the Public relations department is also tight-lipped in front of the media, but recently from the Lin Personal micro-blog, the author found that it began to investigate the stocking market, At the same time Lin in a few media conversations, also referred to the "High-tech" content of stockings.

In the Red Sea in the winter smoke, a large number of electric dealers in a desperate situation, the cotton network has maintained a relatively stable pace of development, starting from the August 2011 large-scale offline launch, its fiery momentum has never cooled, its positive, healthy, high-quality image and unique business model has been seen as a worthy example of the industry, is also one of the objects of high media attention. However, the February 2012 suddenly came out of its capital chain rupture, by reducing the burden of layoffs, the collective rights of the workers to be cut and other negative news can not help but let people sigh, for a large number of reports, the treatment of cotton is very low-key, not any response and comments, but also stopped public relations publicity. By now it has been nearly 1 months, and the cotton seems to be getting back on track, and began to have plans to launch its new stockings, trying to play a beautiful turnaround.

But stockings is not a fresh category, where customers, cats, Beijing-east and other electric business giant alligator early in the spring has launched such products to carve up the market, and stockings as a quick to eliminate the gross margin is very low, offline and by the Lang, Mona, such as Big brand occupy, the time and conditions are not any advantage, in the cotton look, not too much like to be able to turn over the life-saving straw Pure cotton life, simple proposition "the brand positioning of the production of silk stockings, is contrary to its" pure cotton "concept, this almost subversive transformation really can save the dilemma of the Victoria Cotton?

The author of Lin mentioned "High-tech, high function" Stockings asked the relevant responsible for cotton, the answer is "still in research, analysis, inconvenient to disclose more details." On the official website of cotton, it is really a category of stockings, the official micro-blog on the Victoria Cotton also has a child brand cotton love silk, but carefully look at its Stockings category sku less poor and most of the goods are in the "broken, missing" state, "High-tech, High function" is nowhere to be found. Victoria Cotton to borrow stockings rushed out of the haze, I think the difficulty is not small.

As an E-commerce site, especially relying on the products of its own brand of business, the importance of the brand is self-evident, have visibility, influential brand support, marketing is easy to do. In the harsh environment, the pompous high Gao Ta in the electric Business circle has been criticized, do a good job of the product, do well operation is the fundamental development, otherwise any so-called "innovation" "change" will be just harmful.

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