Linkage World CN domain Renewal 5-8 years send 2 years will officially end on June 30

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Recently, the author from the linkage World official website to understand the CN domain name registration or renewals 5-8 years to send 2 years of preferential activities are nearing the end, June 30 officially ended, so this month many users are rushing to register aggregation/9441.html ">CN domain name.

At the same time, I also understand that since the launch of the event, has been deeply loved by users, the number of registered Rose, and the purchase of 5-8 years, whether the registration, or renewals are several times higher than before. In fact, a careful analysis, we can not be difficult to see why:

First, enough concessions, the original CN domain name is not high, like the first year of linkage in the world registration only 19.9 yuan, can also register more than 5 years to send more than two years, very favorable.

Second, the CN domain Name resource is rich, the CN domain name has not opened the individual registration, therefore many resources are limited, the enterprise also considers the cost question, basically is must use domain name registration to hand, therefore, the user may register to many good domain names.

Although, do a good site does not necessarily need a good domain name, but good domain name can make a good website, a good domain name it will let your opponent inferiority, let your user shock, let your partner at ease, let your staff self-confidence! Therefore, it is very worthwhile and reasonable to spend a two month salary to buy a good domain name and spend one or two times times the cost of doing a website to buy a suitable domain name.

During this event, other domain names are also attractive in terms of price. For example, the COM domain name 29.9 yuan, net domain name 39 yuan, HK domain name 148 yuan and so on special domain name, again comes is the Chinese domain name Registration Hao sends Ipadmini. Opportunity will not have every time, activities are not always in, Mo want to let a good opportunity to sneak away from their side!

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