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Previously said the higher the quality of the reverse link, the greater the help for ranking. and the quality of the external links, less than is the exchange of friendship links.

But then again, high quality links are not easy to find. Switching links is often a simple and easy way to start, especially for new sites.

In the exchange of links, most of the webmaster can still be serious, honest, sincere cooperation between the two sides. But sometimes, some webmaster like to play some tricks, trying to cheat to get links, but do not give the corresponding return.

I do not have a Chinese site experience, did not exchange links to Chinese websites, so I do not know in the domestic webmaster these tricks are common. In English websites, this webmaster is often seen. Here are some examples, I hope you will be wary of later.

1 after swapping the link and then deleting the link

The simplest is to exchange the end of the link, after a period of time the other side quietly put the site to your link down, so that you link the past link into a one-way link. This is easy to find.

Some websites use the program to check the links automatically. Some do not use the program, but should also often see the link partner's website, your link is still in. If the other side quietly took off, I personally think there is no need to ask each other what is going on. You also don't be polite, put his link also took off on the line, after no longer need to believe this webmaster.

2 to find a way to link the weight of the page to make the lowest

In the English website Direct Exchange Homepage Link The situation is relatively few, is generally the friendship link on the link page. Some webmaster use the link structure inside the station, make these links page get the lowest weight of the page.

The most typical approach is to put links to links on the home page or on the site map pages. This link page can also be indexed by search engines, but the entire site has only one or two pages link to the link page. Such link structure makes the weight of the link page is very low.

The normal website structure should be the link page is an integral part of the entire website, processing should be the same as other pages. For example, the link page is a channel, which is divided into many categories. So this channel should be the same as other content channels, there is a navigation link on all pages, so that the link page to get its weight.

3 so that Friendship link page can not be included

Some stationmaster although on the page makes the link page to appear the common page, but actually uses the robots.txt file or the meta label, causes the Friendship link page not to be included at all. This is one of the reasons I think PR is sometimes used. If the page has PR, at least the Web page has been included in Google.

4 Friendship link itself does not pass the weight

Some webmaster links add nofollow attributes, and sometimes the link is a script to turn. At this point the link is actually not a normal link, and can not pass any weight.

Some webmaster do more covert, using JS script, "link" is turned, but the mouse on the link when the browser status bar shows the normal link. So unless you check his source code, it's hard to see that the link he's giving is actually a script-turned.

5 Link Page Maybe it's just for you.

Some webmaster scheming is very heavy, in give you exchange friendship link email, tell you your site link has been placed in such as page. You point past a look, sure enough to have your link, and this is the home page, you link back.

But if you check his site carefully, you find that his home page is not the one you see. When you get rid of index.php, go to his real home page, but found that there is another one, and his real home page may be index.html.

Because the HTML file is higher than the PHP file priority, so search engine really included the first page is index.html. The other side is misleading you, make you think index.php file is the homepage, but also has your link.

6 The other party did not link to your site

Some webmaster check your site's external links have what, and then write email to you, I have from the site A has been linked to you, please connect to my website B, this is a three-way link, better than two-way effect.

Let's just ask whether the three-way link is really better than the two-way link.

Even if the three-way link can not be detected by the search engine, but you carefully check the words, it is possible to find a link on the site A, you have previously and other people to exchange links, and to exchange links with you the webmaster has no relationship. He just checked out your external links and knew that there was a link on the a site that he did to you. And you have the possibility to exchange links a lot of times, has long forgotten what is going on.

7 do a no weight of the spam site and you exchange links

Sometimes the webmaster is playing the banner of the three-direction link, so that you link to his real commercial site, but he is from a spam website link to you. The most common form of this spam site is the garbage directory, there is no weight, is specifically used for friendship links.

8 Advertised PR is hijacked

Although the role of PR in the end, we disagree, but high PR link no one refused. To be careful of some sites PR is hijacked through the PR, the site does not really have so high pr.

    above these tricks are pretty common, and that's why I'm increasingly inclined to not exchange links. To ensure that each link is true and effective, which have so much time to check the situation of these links? The resulting link weights may be disproportionate to the time you spend. (Zebian Admin01)

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