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Good links, you can make your station, on the contrary, can easily let your love stand in the water! Two days ago Baidu Update, this thought is a good thing, but never thought, followed by the confusion: Small station (Taobao shopping) snapshots have always been overnight, but now 3-4 days are not updated, why? Small co Search in many ways, found the situation of the station and may appear under the situation:

1, Baidu algorithm change discarded the site, so small co immediately find a spider record gadget installed, after about 1 hours, found that spiders crawling and nothing strange! It seems that the reason can be ruled out!

2, is the loss of the chain so that Baidu can not find the way in? Small co then inquires the site outside the chain, Baidu's more than 33,000, increase, and do their own outside the chain is also very careful, not more than 5 a day, this factor can also be ruled out!

3, links?

Since I made big moves in June Baidu, links to the site has also made a big clean-up, leaving only a good ranking of the station, so did not doubt the link before this issue, but the synthesis of two points, plus I have not recently made changes to the site, as usual update, have to think of this! Say it's late that's fast! Immediately in CNZZ Webmaster Tools inquires the only friendship! Do not check do not know, this check really let me speechless! The station's ranking Mingluosunshan, found more than 800 pages also did not find, it seems to be a complete drop of power on this station! The site is also deeply hurt, really cry, hurriedly completely k off the link, rebuild home!

This morning (8/15) query let me really unexpected! My dear, the snapshot is back. Snapshot time: 8/14! to this, have to make a small suggestion: Friendship Link exchange should be, often inquires the situation of friendship station should also be the focus! found to be down right link hurriedly k! write this article is a news, is also a wake-up call! Hope to have a friend who needs help!

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