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In doing website promotion and optimization, a very important parameter is the external link, sometimes also called the reverse link. When the search engine included the site, this indicator is also very important, a lot of times a new site, if there is not enough external links, or the quality of the link is very poor, included will become a problem, so the new station must do more links, PR high site, with their own similar sites, do links to do several things:

1. Internal link anchor text needs to be the key word, preferably you want to optimize that keyword;

2. Do not use JS or program code to do the link, it is best to directly output HTML link code;

3. To use text to do links, less pictures;

4. Internal link design, to see the overall situation. The overall maintenance of a good internal link structure, in order to improve the collection, enhance PR, improve rankings;

5. Be aware of the relevance at all times;

6. Internal links do not overflow, even if the body of information, a keyword appears many times. Only need to do a link on it;

7. Internal links to nature;

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