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You can download the Linux ">mint operating system for free." It is an ISO file that requires you to burn yourself to a blank DVD. This livedvd can be started and offers a fully functional operating system that you can try without affecting your PC. In layman's terms, when you burn a Linux mint to a DVD and put it in your computer's optical drive, you can try it and keep your current system free from any damage.

Note: You can also write an ISO image to a USB disk or other storage device, boot from these devices, or start from an ISO image in the device, but these methods are more advanced and are recommended for use in the method described in this article. If you want to get help installing and running the Linux Mint workaround, visit the forum.

If you like what you see when you run Livedvd, you can install the system onto your hard drive DVD containing all the necessary tool software (zoning and installation tools).

Download ISO file

Note: If you do not have a broadband connection, or if your network speed is slow, you can order this dvd: from this page

In addition, you can visit the Linux mint download page:

Then choose to download the version you are interested in. From this page you should be able to see:

MD5 value • Seed link • List of download mirrors

The file you need to download is an ISO file. Here are two ways to download it, through BT under

Load (Point-to-Point protocol) or through a mirrored download (HTTP or FTP protocol). Once the download is complete, you can check its MD5 value to make sure your ISO file is not corrupted.

Download via BT

BT is a point-to-point (peer-to-peer) protocol. Fundamentally, a seed file allows you to download the ISO file from different users on the network, instead of downloading it from a central location.

The more people download this ISO file, the faster they download. This is the preferred method of downloading Linux Mint, and is also recommended by us.

Install BT Client

To download files through BT, you need to install a BT client software.

If you are running a Linux system, you can install "transmission" software. If you are running a Linux mint system, transmission is already installed.

If you are running a Windows system, then you can use Vuze:


Download the seed file

The next step is to download the. torrent file from the seed link in the Linux Mint Web page. This file is very small. After downloading, you need to use the BT client to open it.

The seed client will generally ask you where you want the ISO file to be. Select a directory and wait for the download to complete.

For more information on the BT protocol, please visit

Downloading via mirrors

If you can't or don't want to use BT downloads, you can select one in the download image list. They provide a link to the ISO file, and you can start the download by clicking on it.

Note: The more people download from a mirror because of bandwidth constraints, the slower the download speed is for everyone. Also, if the download is interrupted for some reason, you may have to download it again. With these considerations in mind, downloading is worth the download manager, whether Linux or Windows.

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