List of comprehensive adjustments to the stock exchange profitability and rating

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Comprehensive rating and reduction list (May 19) Data source: Securities Qualcomm Stock Code stock abbreviation comprehensive rating coefficient latest earnings forecast agency rating changes one months ago 002091 Jiangsu Guotai 4.54.16670.5784 up 002092 Zhongtai chemical 0-0.50.1935 up 002093 Guomai technology 9.95.857 10.4171 up 002094 Qingdao Gold King 12.142911.58330.3113 up 002095 business treasure 0.252.43750.4427 cut 002096 nanling people explosion 92.31250.7026 up 002097 mountains and rivers Intelligent 0.95450.71430.3955 Up to 002100 days Kang Bio-6.94442.50.6721 up 002104 Heng Bao 1.50.27270.3353 up 002106 lai bao Gao ke 96.88240.6429 upward note: Comprehensive rating coefficient: more than 15 buy; 5~15 overweight -5~ 5 neutral, -8~-5 reduction, less than 8 sold. Comprehensive profit forecast and reduction list (May 19) Data source: Securities Qualcomm Stock Code stock abbreviation comprehensive profit forecast (08) comprehensive profit forecast (09) profit Change direction current 1 months ago current 1 months ago 002107 Wohua Medicine 1.46431.57581.27131.3737 cut 002109 Xinghua shares 0.5163 0.37740.73980.5489 up 002111 Weihai Kwong Tai 0.52960.47560.66280.5943 21,123 Change technology 0.62160.60210.64790.6857 up 21,153-dimensional communications 0.66630.61110.84760 .7798 increase of 002117 East Haven shares 0.5430.41090.59350.4491 increase 002122 days horse shares 1.27381.3431.67271.6759 cut 002123 credit shares 0.91770.86851.25621.1136 raise 002124 days State Shares 0.26290.26290.3810.381 unchanged 002128 open-pit coal industry 1.03021.00411.10671.0984 rise
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