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As a seoer, we are inevitably confronted with a wide variety of users when it comes to different kinds of optimizations, and it does take a lot of skill to communicate with these people. If you do not talk, you will lose the user, or the price is depressed, no profits. As the saying goes, "Our client is God." But to tell the truth, we will inevitably encounter some bad temper or a little bit of seo "God", but no way, since we chose the road of SEO, we need to first put their own mentality. It's okay to get a list, but we can't lose our professionalism, professionalism, and integrity. The following is the author's own experience with the list of three users often ask questions, and how we can parry blow users.

One: can quickly on the first page of Baidu?

This user is the most common to, as a seoer, we certainly want to be ranked as soon as possible keyword ranking to meet the requirements of users. But understand SEO people should be clear SEO needs a long-term process, the length of the process by the keyword competition intensity, the website's basic quality and so on subjective objective factor influence, to this different site different keywords to do the home page time is different. Generally such users are very impatient, SEO is also a smattering. Perhaps the previous many similar "48 hours on Baidu first advertisement", so mistaken for SEO is a quick way to improve the ranking. Just a few days or even a few hours can be on the first page of Baidu, and you want your careful analysis will find that the so-called fast ranking is not a formal means of use. and its subsequent adverse effects will be likely to bring fatal crisis to the site, and if we trade rashly for the user's site use of irregular SEO will only let you lose more users and trust.

How can we cope with such a user? First of all to give our users to do a general SEO education, and then give users a clear optimization time period, indifferent to our time to take the form of estimation. Any one of the seoer can not be clear of the budget which could be ranked in the ideal position. Generally speaking, some words with little competition are usually about three months. If the user is very demanding on the time, then we suggest that they do PPC.

Two: Row to the home page can bring me how much actual income?

Ask this kind of question the user all is to the SEO to express the suspicion attitude friend, is holding to try the idea to seek us. In fact, we are not difficult to find that many enterprises are the SEO error concise, the SEO look too effective, too powerful. Even directly to the SEO and network marketing to draw an equal sign, SEO again strong is only limited to obtain traffic from the search engine a means. SEO can make your site to get the flow you want, but not that you can directly get the income you want, to a large extent, the conversion rate depends on the quality of your products and improve pre-sales after-sales service.

In the face of this type of user, do you choose to exaggerate to the user or do you honestly want to show these questions to these users? Looking at the current SEO ecosystem, I would like to choose the former person will be more. When users see rankings, but there is no actual conversion, your original promises will become the future lies, and this will destroy the user's trust in you. To this parry these users I think the correct means or to be honest with the user to show these problems, do not deified the SEO.

Three: Can the price be cheap?

The current domestic SEO has been the price of Chinese cabbage, a few cents outside the chain, or even a few cents, this is in the SEO industry we can clearly realize, because now do seo too rampant. Some users of the price requirements have been to the point of an inch, but seoer is also a person to survive, seo services cheap does not mean free. Some users will put forward the keyword ranking, but also maintain a year, and then give you the constant price of repression. What else can you say to such "stingy" users, I don't think we need to waste too much time.

The above is the author in doing SEO orders often meet the user to ask three questions, in general, whether these problems are reasonable or unreasonable, as a seoer we all need to always adhere to our professional, dedicated, and should be honest. The above is from the network song SEO to receive a list of several views, hope for everyone to help.

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