Litters Group is destined to be group buying industry "swept out"

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Source: Chao Fu, an author of the Internet Café Empire

Groupon-triggered buying spree is in the domestic pipeline.

Jose Ferreira, founder of AOL Education Enterprise Knewton, likens Groupon to a Ponzi scheme. But at home, the litters Regiment but "Ponzi's scam" the spirit carries on the maximization deduction.

Litters Regiment, into the author's field of Vision, at first to see "> Media reports, set up only a year litters regiment, on the" differentiation "of a" launch IPO " Conference;

Then exposure group buying industry enterprises, such as handle, the United States have been litters Regiment batch "digging angle";

Later, the litters regiment large-scale illegal layoffs, although the litters group PR repeatedly claimed "never carried out any illegal layoffs", but the fact is that there are dozens of employees who have been illegally laid off, the Litters regiment to the arbitral tribunal.

According to the Deputy Litters Regiment was cut employees arbitration rights litigation Zhao occupation Introduction, litters Regiment to employees three choice, or the shift to customer service, or pay, or leave. From a legal point of view, the litters regiment is suspected of at least five offences:

1, interns after the internship does not sign the labor contract;

All employees who were laid off in 2 July were not paid;

3, signed the labor contract did not pay social security;

4, the illegal discharge of labor contracts, in the absence of evidence to prove that employees do not meet the conditions of employment, not in advance notice and compensation in the circumstances of forced dismissal;

5, large-scale layoffs of more than 20 people (economic redundancy), failure to perform the statutory procedures (employing units to the union or all staff in advance 30th to explain the situation, to listen to trade unions or employees of the opinion, the downsizing program to the Labor Administration Department report), nor compensation according to law.

Visible, the expansion path of the litters regiment is actually very unreal, first media hype, is about to get billions of dollars to start the IPO, to create and portray an unreal big cake, to fool investors and fellow practitioners, and then to the so-called high-tech as the temptation to compete with peers to "Dig the Corner", the practice of unfair competition, and finally through the way of illegal layoffs, "Clean" employees to reduce operating costs.

Ponzi scheme in China also known as "Peter Paul", "Empty gloves White Wolf", litters group behavior, is similar.

In the words of Bo, "Litters Regiment CE0 Xu Maodong, the former division of the Wireless CEO, is the CCTV 315 exposure of the junk spam Message company, litters Group COO Dong Jiawei, former Chinese margin CEO, is the use of MSN to promote the garbage company." Garbage together, do a good job, can become a boutique garbage. ”

In the author's opinion, a not down-to-earth, the enterprises that repeatedly disturb the legitimate competition order of the industry are doomed to be abandoned by the industry; an enterprise that is not good to its employees and makes illegal layoffs, is destined to be abandoned by its employees; an executive team that keeps on making internet trash is destined to end up providing rubbish rather than cheap services.

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