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Mobile services are becoming a new way of doing business. If mobile "is to undertake this new entrepreneurial way of the carrier and means, then service" is throughout the business model of the center and link. Compared with the all-inclusive of the PC era, small and beautiful seem to cater to the development trend of mobile Internet. Compared with the catering and entertainment industry in the O2O situation, to nail, makeup, hairdressing as the representative of the life services, it seems that the Internet level is relatively lagging behind, and this piece of virgin land to be developed is quietly ushered in the master of its new owners. Small demon, the first domestic to the public package custom mode for the positioning of the United States makeup brand. Founder Zhao Yi believes that the platform period dividend has ended, at this stage the opportunity to make a brand greater. In the play, the small demon and other Internet brand, like the choice of a single product attack strategy, to mask this subdivision category as the entry point, the future will gradually expand around the female launched a series of surrounding industrial chain. Do not have faith to do products according to incomplete statistics, mask is a female users repeat the highest purchase rate of a class of beauty skin care products, and around the mask launched the market competition is unusually fierce. Small Demon Mask was born at the beginning, founder Zhao Yi for the brand injected their own products to do the faith: a good product, must use the best of the essence of liquid, the most top-level mask material, respect for the United States, loyalty to the heart of the attitude, intentions to create a user trust products. In fact, the little demon is indeed the product of this faith and piety. According to founder Zhao Yi introduced, the small demon mask base cloth is the global forward-looking bio-fiber technology. It is understood that the first biological fiber from the United States of the first choice of clinical burns patients, medical grade material to ensure compatibility, conduction performance to achieve the best, and the essence of liquid ingredients, the use of pure plant extracts, no hormones, no fluorescent powder, no various harmful substances. At present, the mask on the market, most of the selection of silk, non-woven as a membrane, mainly because of its low cost, the ability to absorb the essence of the liquid is not enough, more of the essence of the liquid has not been absorbed, but by the air evaporation. Small demon Mask using the world's most exquisite bio-fiber material as a mask film body, than the skin fine 30nm, the ultimate fit, soft and skin, unique ODT single conduction technology, it can help skin pores open, 97.4% of the essence of the liquid can be effectively absorbed. Crowdsourcing mode to do the mask in the founder before the Zhao Yi, founder of the F Group COO, in the field of group buying for many years he, O2O has his own unique insights and experience. According to Zhao Yi, the small demon's entrepreneurial team from Groupon China, Co-weibo, capital of origin, Burnett and many other top companies, are rich in internet experience. The small demon is not the traditional electricity commodity card, but is based on the public package custom pattern to build the light luxury consumer goods brand. Zhao Yi stressed. Compared with the traditional electric power quotient, the small demon's attention point is more vertical subdivision, also is more attentive. On Wikipedia, the explanation for crowdsourcing is a distributed problem-solving and production-mode. Issues are disseminated to the unknown solution provider community in an open tender manner. The small demon's crowdsourcing pattern is the traditional industry most core productionProduct research and development crowdsourcing to consumers, let consumers participate in the entire research and development process of the product, according to the research and development of the package, the output to the national top 19 suppliers, proofing test, the sample returned to the public, 3,300 users continue to participate in the voting, 11 iterations after the selection of the final supplier; Through the mobile Internet large data technology, the mask product is disassembled to 11 dimensions, each dimension is basically quantified and visualized. In the spread, the small demon took the stewardess as the opinion leader of the way to spread Word-of-mouth. The reason for the choice of stewardess this group, founder Zhao Yi, on the one hand is from their own product positioning light luxury, on the other hand, from their own a personal experience. Founder Zhao Yi in a plane, saw a few girls on the plane to resist the height of ultraviolet radiation in the cabin, by understanding that the aircraft in the flight of ultraviolet intensity is far more than the ground several times, as a personal image of the higher requirements of the occupation, in the skin care is also particularly concerned about. In addition, he also learned that the market potential of vertical subdivision based on female demand is huge, and the profit is higher, Zhao Yi analysis thinks this field will explode new vitality. At present, the small demon Select micro-letter public account as the preferred marketing platform, users can be in the micro-letter platform directly or interactive, after three months of trial, the small demon has been in the stewardess, model, white-collar middle established a good reputation. According to Zhao Yi revealed that the latest round of the small demon Tens other a round of financing has been all to account, in addition, the small demon will be for the winter dry climate, the introduction of a new mask moisturizing effect. When talking about the first pioneering experience, Zhao Yi said: "The first business is mainly to do group buying, group buying at that time in the domestic very hot, with the entry threshold of further pull down, formed at the time of the Thousand-Regiment war", soon the entire industry into the shuffle stage. The boost of the capital market and the intensification of industry competition make many people fall into the blind follow the bandwagon, but do not want to clear what is the essence of group buying. Relative to the last venture, in this venture, I feel a deeper understanding of the entrepreneurial rhythm and the importance of the control of the capital chain. The so-called entrepreneurial rhythm refers to the ease of doing things, when the fast, when the slow, as the founder of the company must be good control. On the other hand, embodied in the control of the capital chain, in this venture financing decision-making process, I will be more crisp, otherwise, once the best time to miss the financing, it is likely to lead to the break of the capital chain, after all, the trend of the capital market environment is unpredictable. "In the future, the small demon hopes to establish a three-dimensional entrance through the home service, thus reaching the alliances of the surrounding industrial chain." As for the convergence of the vertical chain of the central service "what Zhao Yi think is--door-to-door nail." This from the surface of the beaver home with the family has a certain degree of similarity, but in fact we and they have the nature of the difference, our similarity is more reflected in the nail "this category, as for the operating mode is very strong differentiation." Zhao Yi said "The demon chooses the nail home service as the cut-in point, is because the nail industry relatively many other categories are more dispersed, and the industry has not formed a single major industry leader, the integration of this part of the decentralized resources have a lot of development space. The greatest similarity between the Goblin and the beaver is in the category, and the difference is: the model of the Beaver family is more like the direct business model, the Beaver Home and the excellent nail division directly contracted, in order to absorb more excellent nail division into the Beaver Home platform, there will be a corresponding subsidy policy, the advantages of this model is conducive to management, The disadvantage is that the speed of expansion is slow. On the contrary, the small demon in the mode of operation will choose to buy the approach to contract cooperation with the offline entity shop in the United States Nail Division to cooperate, small demon in the whole link is more to play the role of Taiwanese, connecting customers and nail division between the bridge. This model is relatively Ye home, the advantage lies in the rapid expansion, but the disadvantage is that it is not easy to manage. Through close service with customers, thus establishing the necessary trust, with this established trust further intensified, the small demon will develop more suitable for the customer's new product shape or service form, so as to get through the product and service stripping form. Undeniably, b2b2c mode, very good to the supplier-distributor-consumer "each industry chain closely linked together." The whole supply chain is a process from creating value-added to value-changing, integrating the resources from production and distribution to the terminal, not only greatly enhancing the service ability of the whole chain, but also benefiting the customers to gain the opportunity to add value. The platform trader will help the merchant directly to act as the seller role, pushes the merchant directly to the face-to-face front with the consumer, lets the producer obtain more profit, also lets the general consumers benefit. This is the essence of the small demon business value.
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