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A paper announcement of the same party shares today is like saying storytelling, "and so decomposition" left to many investors. Liu funded 1.05 billion of the Tsinghua holding held 50 million shares of the same party. This seemingly closed deal is only a memorable one for the few words that Tsinghua Holdings has left behind when it sold the shares-"will not increase or continue to reduce the interest in the shares of the same party for the next 6 months, however, it does not preclude the possibility of increasing or continuing to reduce its interest in the shares of the same party within the next 7th to 12th month.  "What's going to happen in the next six months is really a lot of people's appetite." May 8, the major shareholder Tsinghua Holding and Liu signed the "Share transfer agreement" to 21 yuan/share price transfer 50 million shares of shares, accounting for 5.12% of the total shares of listed companies.  Liu said it would not rule out the possibility of continuing to increase or reduce its interest in the shares of the same party over the next 12 months. In order to avoid short-term trading, half a year Liu would have been unable to reduce the share of the same party. However, why should Tsinghua holding, which is not restricted by the rules of restricted sale, make a promise of not trading within six months? Tsinghua Holding shares stake in the sale of the original intention is to "improve the company's corporate governance structure, further expand the share of shares in the capital market growth space, to support the sustainable development of shares in the same party."  "Since Tsinghua holding the final choice to introduce Liu, but also in the shareholding show enough sincerity, promised to accompany Liu through 6 months of lock-up period, all this has to lead to conjecture, six months in Liu whether there is a later recruit?" This time the Liu for professional speculators, although read "shares" countless, but in addition to the direct holding of the days of Mao Group, few meddle in the specific operation of the company precedent. Prior to the operation of the development of the stake in Chongqing, Liu only 3.15% of the equity, turn around and sell the cash. This time Liu uncharacteristically 5.12% of the equity, unexpectedly willing to pay six months of time cost. Believe that shrewd as he naturally does not make the opportunity cost increase in vain.  According to the closing price of the shares of 23.67 Yuan on May 10, only 2 yuan of the difference should not be enough to satisfy his appetite. There are many indications that Liu may have been ready for the latter half of the year.  From the same side of the shares themselves, under the split listing policy, there is enough room for Liu to show their fists. The market has a strong expectation that the shares of the same party will be split into listed subsidiaries. The company previously announced that the board of Directors agreed to the company's listed companies to carry out market value management. To this end, authorized the President of the company according to the two market situation, timely through large or two-tier market transactions, such as the holding of the shares of listed companies, or increase or decrease the share of the listed company's total share capital of 5% below (excluding 5%). There are indications that the capital operation of the shares of the same party is promising under the split-listing policy.
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