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December 4 Evening News, in response to rumors of the Internet Dragon (00777.HK) mass layoffs, network Dragon CEO Liu Luyuan today to Sina Science and technology confirmed that it is indeed in the personnel optimization, but did not specifically disclose the size of the personnel involved. In addition, Liu Luyuan said that the future of the network Dragon has a number of development direction, the previous mention of education is one of them.

July this year, the 91 wireless to Baidu's network dragon, recently seems to have not been smooth, first reported recently released earnings, the third quarter of the main online business users fell 3.9%, net income fell 2.1%, and due to game development, sales promotion and administrative expenses increased impact, NET dragon in the season net business profit chain fell more than 50%. Directly led to the net Dragon shares in the earnings after the decline.

However, the bad news is not only this, today there is news that the network Dragon is carrying out mass layoffs. There are reports that clearly pointed out: "The staff who have been laid off are probably 800―1000, about the total number of 1/3―1/4 staff."

At the same time, as well as the network Dragon headquarters with the game Circle in Fuzhou, Sina Technology said, there have been many nets Dragon staff to seek employment, and revealed that the network Dragon preparations for a new round of transformation. However, the person thinks this is not surprising: "This is normal, especially for the network dragon, almost every year, a transformation will have personnel adjustment."

In the same period an exposure of the internal mail, the Net Dragon Chairman Liu Dejian said: "The network dragon will be to design-oriented company transformation, and in the" transformation process, there will inevitably be some posts in the personnel affected and leave.

According to the above situation, Net Dragon CEO Liu Luyuan said to Sina Science and technology this evening, Net Dragon's personnel adjusts only once "the normal personnel optimizes", he stressed that the number of employees involved is not as many as there are anecdotal rumors, but also did not disclose the specific situation. And another network Dragon public relations Responsible person also said the number of layoffs "not much".

And for the transition, Liu Luyuan said that the future of the network Dragon has a number of important strategic development direction, "education is one of them." However, Liu Luyuan also did not on the network Dragon's several strategic directions for details.

Earlier Liu Luyuan in several public occasions, has repeatedly talked about the idea of the Internet Dragon in the field of education. For example, through the combination of mobile internet, hardware, games and so on, the integration and transformation of education industry. Previously, the network Dragon has announced with Hon Hai, as well as the establishment of the Royal Fund by David Wei to cooperate to develop online education application market.

In the game business, hand tour is also placed high hopes. In the recent earnings conference call, the net Dragon CFO Ning said, another point in the direction of the next year's revenue contribution will reach 10%.

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