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Liu Beautiful still Liu Gentle Liu shooting fashion blockbuster Liu with staff >>> Click to watch Liu HD map Sina Entertainment News recently, Liu from Ordos's "Yang Gate" cast back to Beijing,  And the Queen stylist Maugoping, such as a line of people come to the city of a studio, for "ELLE" March magazine shooting fashion blockbuster. Liu play mixed catch Big show uninhibited personality that day Liu with pretty short hair, and dressed in a set of retro cowboy outfit appeared in the studio, modeling very capable. But in order to match the texture of the pearl jewelry, the photographer asked her to wear a suit to foil, and Liu usually less choose a suit this kind of dress, because for the personality of their own independent set appears too artificial.  She finally took vintage jeans with Chanel classic linen suits and stood in the flash, with both elegance and attendant admiration for her wonderful mix. and Maugoping tacit understanding funny laugh, except in the dress with an idea, Liu in making friends is also a good eye, the same day, both years of partner is also an old friend of make-up artist Maugoping and Liu accompanying, although not the main makeup of the film, the best friend Liu the details of each model is strictly.  In addition, the two people constantly in the scene, the tacit understanding of the full, so that the atmosphere constantly heating up. Although Liu give viewers more of a strong floret, domineering Empress Wu, amorous feelings million kinds of Kim, but stand in front of the camera her brand Liu label self-confidence, charming, lovely unique character or will be strong embedded in your senses, so that your eyes hard to remove from her body.
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