Liu talked about what kind of person is suitable to be an entrepreneur: first, have toughness

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Lenovo's chairman, who has seen fewer appearances, came to the great Gobi in northern Gansu province to preach to entrepreneurs.

from August 11 to 14th, Lenovo Star, is and island, innovation workshop, Yajie Chamber of Commerce launched the "customer departure-Lenovo star Venture Gobi" activities, nearly 200 entrepreneurs gathered in Gansu Guazhou, to go back to the west of the Buddhist monk in the road escape through the long desert.

Xuanzang's goal is to obtain Buddhist scriptures, Universal, Lenovo Star launched the event is to convey more "entrepreneurial wisdom."

Liu did not participate in the hike, his "canon" is his own entrepreneurial "> Experience Summary." His canon contains two points, one is what kind of people for entrepreneurship, and second, what kind of quality entrepreneurs need.

17893.html "> Liu said that people can be divided into two kinds, one is the people who live, a kind of people are running the day. The person who lives seeks the happiness of the ordinary life, the person who runs the day constantly revises the goal of life, completes a stage goal, will pursue the higher goal, never satisfies, never stops.

people to live in the ordinary life, the days of people suitable for entrepreneurship. Liu said that the choice of living is normal and reasonable, the people who rush the day is the impetus of social change, are worthy of understanding, respect.

, as the godfather of business, apparently encourages entrepreneurs: you are the people who are running the day and the future of the country.

What kind of person is suitable to be an entrepreneur, Liu said five points, first of all to have toughness, can boil, the second is a sense of responsibility, have acted; the third is to discover merely, four is the ability to learn, five is leadership, to have a lone.

For entrepreneurs, it is necessary to deal with the external environment and lack of relevant experience, will encounter countless difficulties, there is no shortcut to go, only to adhere to, to endure; As a team leader, must play, to unite the team; As for merely, Liu, for example, many young entrepreneurs use their parents ' pensions and their money to start a business, The initial stage of entrepreneurship is neither experience nor familiarity with the environment, the possibility of failure is great, should be cautious, avoid such a merely; on learning, Liu stressed that the experience of the predecessors to his own body repeatedly tried and demonstrated, learn from their own experience; On leadership, Mr Liu thinks it is not enough for a company to have "guts" Entrepreneurs need to have "lone", enterprises encounter difficulties to stand out.

is like the lens of the movie "China Partner", as the angry crowd rushes to the new dream school, and through the vandalism vent the anger, as an entrepreneur to stand up and be beaten.

noteworthy is that, in addition to leading the event Lenovo star, there are and island, Innovation workshop, Yajie Chamber of Commerce such institutions, the common characteristics of these institutions are entrepreneurs circle, another way to call the platform. The last day of the event, the founder of the Innovation Workshop Kai-Fu Lee, Tsinghua Holding chairman, Yajie Chamber of Commerce Vice President Hukaihong, and the island concerned leaders were present in the event.

Lenovo Stars Pull these circles together, forming a larger circle, a larger investor biosphere.

investment ecosystem includes at least two links, one is investment platform (Investment organization), such as Lenovo Investment, Innovation workshop, Yajie Chamber of Commerce, and two are hundreds of entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur Ecological Circle in China has been sporadic, in addition to Lenovo's star, June Lian Capital, Hong Yi Investment, as well as innovation workshops, Yajie Chamber of Commerce, there are lei-led angel sinks, Zhou 祎-led angel investment circle such as such a circle.

Entrepreneurship is the door "business", business to do a big, need ecological circle big. Circle Big Way is that we do, open platform style, that is, multiple investment platform for interactive resource integration, forming an "Investment circle Alliance."

"Investment Circle Alliance" can form such an interaction, someone cast early, someone cast late, or some projects together, "sedan". As a well-known investment institution, the credit endorsement of the start-up enterprise can increase the valuation and attract more investment from the outside investors.

  "Customer departure-Lenovo star Venture Gobi line" is the "Investment Circle Alliance" an experiment.
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