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December 2, "Lenovo Star" Changzhou entrepreneurial forum to start, Lenovo Holdings chairman Liu on the "entrepreneurial leader's growth" and "entrepreneurial team building" and Jiangsu SME entrepreneurs, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, scientific research and entrepreneurial personnel to share. On the same day, he also rate Lenovo many investors and a number of technology "> Entrepreneurial" on the road of "would-be entrepreneurs" to receive more than the national media interview , and in response to questions raised by the Yang Evening newspaper, the "pearl necklace" as a vivid sketch of the scientists and entrepreneurs of different personality portrait.

The scientist is the Pearl entrepreneur is the line, the entrepreneur is scolded two words to scold two words

To better promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements to the market, 2008, when the president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, LU and Lenovo Holdings chairman Liu jointly launched the creation of "Lenovo Star", is committed to discovering and training outstanding science and technology pioneering talent.

Founded more than five years, "Lenovo Star" has been from the initial 30 training classes, the development of the early 2010 to develop entrepreneurial training + Angel investment "double-wheeled" mode, and then to today's entrepreneurial training + Angel Investment + open platform of the "Trinity" development model of the new era.

itself is a successful example of transformation from a scientist to an entrepreneur, when the Yangzi evening reporter asked Liu to give an example: what kind of scientists are suitable for transformational entrepreneurs and what kind of scientists are not? "Entrepreneurs need more service," he says. Like my personality to be particularly high image, Tang total (refers to Lenovo Holding senior vice President Tang Xudong) scold me two sentences, I do is this work. ”

In particular, the path of the scientists to transform entrepreneurs can present three kinds of conditions: one character is very suitable for scientists, the other is although the science and technology, but the personality is extremely suitable for entrepreneurs, there is a majority, is the middle of the vague.

He believes that the IQ of science workers must be very high, EQ may be almost, "he can not pay attention to any relationship with others, he would like to say how to say, I am the study." ”

and entrepreneurs? "A string of valuable words, he is a string necklace of that line, the scientist is that big Pearl, that line, you have to fit the pearl string, you have to pay attention to people's face, pay attention to the entire scope and environment." ”

Suggest that entrepreneurs ask themselves: Want to live or rush?

Liu also repeatedly reminded entrepreneurs, in turn to do business, need to be clear personality is not suitable to do business. He concludes that there are probably two kinds of people: Ben and his life. The people running the day, always running, rather risk, but also to live a new life, there is a new pursuit. and "Live" people, then make a living as a motivation for entrepreneurship.

He thinks he is the man of the day. After graduating from the China, the Academy of Sciences, research departments, has won many awards, but the Heart is always restless, want to seek new pursuits. "Life-style entrepreneurship, reached a certain height, but also want to work with their own strength." For example, such as Ma Yun, keep moving forward. Such people are good for the development of productive forces and more encouraging, but the risks are great. Therefore, the State's policy is to try its best to encourage these people. And if the business is to "live" people, you have to think more about the first bucket of gold problem. "For example, looking for a job is not suitable, or can not find, so start a business." ”

Liu also said, for example, to test civil servants even if it is to sweep the road, is the cause of the people to go, this is a typical living person. This mentality to start a business, pay special attention to consider the source of the first bucket of gold. Home conditions good, the first bucket of gold lost, although the final failure, but accumulated a lot of things. But some take the parents endowment money or borrowed money to start a business, entrepreneurial failure even get experience, bring home the loss and impact is very big.

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