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November 3, "Liu Yan Network Entrepreneurship (club) Tianjin Summit and online Network Data Mining Service Technology Forum" held in Tianjin, the vice president of the Millennium Oak Group, Donews founder Liu Yan, a large number of information chairman 郝玺 Dragon, founder Lin Xinglu, Liu Network founder zhoulei, SEO expert Liu Zhijun attended, The summit focused on the Internet entrepreneurship Trends, network technology applications, online data mining services technology, search engine promotion, social networking site business prospects and other topics.

Liu Yan Live Speech

Guests at the summit Liu Yan from the devaluation of Internet content, the most valuable thing about the Internet, the three aspects of Internet development prospects, elaborated his view. "The day will be more and more sad," said the General Service website. Now the internet is not the era of happy enclosure, "can only be found in a gap between the market, those markets are still very many, such as the combination of traditional", "the most valuable part of the internet is the relationship", "the site to the user's relationship to retain, Become a place to store relationships. "

Over 140 internet participants

As the host of the Summit and Forum, Chinese intelligent Computing and information data mining technology leader-mass information release online network data mining services technology products "Haina", and free to provide personal webmaster trial, from the technical perspective to support the network entrepreneurship.

Mass Information Marketing Director Huogang

In this forum, the famous personal webmaster Kobayashi introduced the website of the technical application of entrepreneurship; Zhoulei predicts the future of social networking sites-the advent of everyone's portal-and Liu briefed on the relationship and application of the core "keywords" and "search". founder Kobayashi

The event by a large number of information, Donews,, Tianjin Software Industry Association of the Internet Application Branch jointly held, convenor-Tianjin Software Industry Association of the Internet Application Branch director Liu Weijun said, Liu Yan Network Entrepreneurship Club is China's first leading network entrepreneurial learning platform, through the online, Line under the various forms of activities to explore the Web site to start a business, accumulate more network connections, the business summit attracted more than 140 people from Tianjin, Beijing, Zhengzhou, the Internet industry to participate in the 2007, the largest internet industry in Tianjin, the highest size of a network event, for the dissemination of Tianjin Internet voice, strengthen local and external exchanges and cooperation to play a positive role in promoting.

Liu Weijun, chairman of the Internet branch of Tianjin Software Industry Association


Tianjin Software Industry Association internet Application Branch:

From all walks of life in Tianjin area, the spontaneous composition of the Internet, by the Tianjin Association of Societies to set up a commitment to local Internet stations, e-commerce units, Internet software companies to cooperate and exchange social organizations. Members of the local official and grassroots Web site, including: Local portals, news sites, urban consumer sites, industry sites, internet software companies, telecommunications operators, etc., Tianjin has an important influence of the Internet organization.

Chairman: Liu Weijun, the founder of the Internet application branch of Tianjin Software Industry Association, Donews 5G Tianjin Convenor, has been committed to the cooperation and exchange between Tianjin Internet station and domestic internet industry since November 2006, advocating "cohesion, influence, change and development".


Liu Weijun cn internet Influence Group: 17674202

Data Mining Service technology of Haina Online network

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