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A college student asked me: I would like to ask you, I want to self-study network marketing, you can give some advice?

I answered two words: Practice!

Yes, in addition to practice is the best way to learn online marketing, there is absolutely no second.


Many people like to read the theory of learning, or listen to some experts, read some so-called network marketing books. If it is self-study, then reading is useless, if you have someone to take, then you can read after the actual combat, this is a different path. At least I think self-study must start from practice, and then slowly seek truth from it, read some related books, this will make your process more profound.

We all know that the Internet marketing This course is not a teacher, in the university, the teachers of the teaching of knowledge, I dare not say useless, but the actual use of the contrary. After the general University study This course comes out, always has the theory a lot, the practice is extremely painful.

One of my former colleagues, who was studying E-commerce, but came out to work only to find that the school learned nothing at all, in the real 9201.html "> Internet world are not used to learn the knowledge of the school." How painful the understanding, now only found that before reading is always a theoretical knowledge, and forget that this is a practical lesson.

First, practice, after the theory

Internet marketing is not a psychology, not a history, no need to know what 4P, 4 B. As long as we know what the Internet can bring us, we want to do something.

Why do you have to practice first? Because only after practice, you will find your shortcomings and lack of knowledge. Especially self-study seo, e-commerce These two friends, in addition to practice really no second method better. For example, SEO, a lot of theoretical school, especially some lecturers, some business President class lecturer, they in addition to the theory, really did not have too many practical experience, a lot of said things are very empty. If you do what they're doing, you'll find that a lot of it won't work, and then you'll have to start all over sadly.

In the beginning, it is best not to see the master's theory book, to practice, step by step, the actual problems encountered in writing down, and then slowly to find solutions. After a period of practical experience, you can go to see some of the theoretical things, why? There should be something that you can't figure out, and the knowledge of these theories can help you to understand.

Second, the realization of truth in practice, the practice of achievement in theory.

Many truths are realized in practice, such as love, if you have not experienced, can you learn the taste of love? Can you understand the true meaning of love?

So don't listen to internet marketing experts, at the same time, absorb the truth, practice can make you very clear, your customer needs, what you are doing is useful or useless, understand the truth, these truths are not found in the books.

In theory, the practice of change means that when you look at this knowledge, you will find that in practice you can analogy, let your thinking more open up, absorb other people's experience, improve their own deficiencies, so that they can save their power.

Finally, to say the truth, because some people's self-study ability is not strong, the ability to understand enough, thinking is not good enough, such as some aspects of factors, not all people can be self-taught, some people are doomed to self-study. So if you choose to self-study, you should first think about whether they are suitable for self-study, if not appropriate, please immediately seek another direction of study, not self-study is the best. "Wen/Liu Yufan Sina Weibo @ yu Solo extraordinary"

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