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Do you still believe in TV commercials invincible? Have you still been intoxicated in the year Shi Yuzhu use 400 million to win the CCTV advertisement "The King", the year income 1 billion myth, own company also always wanted to follow. Spent millions of or even tens of millions of million, but is not want to. China-Yee Promotion of all advertising media Observation summary found:

The internet as the fourth largest media, the current momentum of rapid development. And will become the mainstream of media communication in the future. Corporate marketing advertising will gradually be transferred from the television media to the network media. China-Yee promotion Liuyu contain the view that: after all, "the skinny camel than the horse" the current mainstream advertising or focus on the television sector, but the effect is getting lower, often a huge amount of investment is not a high return, especially for many small and medium-sized enterprises, directly blocked in the high input threshold. However, when the network media completely occupy the mainstream position, it still needs a period of time. As an enterprise customer. We need to survive, need to develop, our marketing activities can not stop a moment. So in this transitional phase. How do we develop an effective marketing mix to make sure we get better ROI?

Although the cost of TV advertising is getting lower, the excellent features of TV media are still undeniable. With its high coverage and special media properties, television can make consumers have a wider understanding of the brand or product. With the spread of television advertising, television advertising channels to promote the enterprise is difficult to further grasp the needs of customers. The network media has the ultra strong interaction, may satisfy the netizen more personalized demand, but the traffic has become limits its development the bottleneck. "Happy Net" in a short time to seize the eyes of white-collar workers can get tens of millions of of the VC. The network for the flow of the thirst is evident!

The high coverage of TV media and the point-to-point interaction of Internet media, how can we combine the advantages of both sides? Better for the Enterprise marketing services? In fact, we can be interested in the consumer will actively search through the search engine, At this time the relevant brand search engine brand marketing can be very good for interested or need users to find the services they want to improve the ROI of marketing. Therefore, in the TV ads embedded in the corresponding brand search box marketing model will bring better marketing price. The marketing model of TV + search engine will play a synergistic role of 1+1 greater than 2 in the critical electric shock (attention point and search point) of consumer behavior.

This is just the network brand and television advertising with a simple way! As long as you dare to think, creativity everywhere. There will be more and better ways to integrate the Internet and television. It's up to those of us who are fighting in the forefront of marketing to find out. I believe we will also be able to play a set of effective new media marketing combination Boxing!

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