Live flowers recall relatives, green sacrifice more up

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The core Hint Ching Ming festival approaching, many citizens to the outskirts of the major cemetery Jisao, ushered in the small peak before the festival. Yesterday morning, the reporter visited found that this year many people choose flowers, such as replacing incense, burning paper money and other traditional forms of mourning ancestors, reposing mourning, environmental protection, civilization, green ritual forms has gradually become a choice for many citizens.

Live flowers recall relatives, green sacrifice more up

With the Ching Ming approaching, the public grave-sweepers gradually into the peak. Yesterday morning, the reporter visited a number of suburban cemetery to see the park, many people came to mourn the deceased's loved ones, the park eye-catching places also hung "advocating green civilization memorial" and other promotional slogans.

This year is the mother died the second year, the old man was particularly fond of flowers, deathbed told, after the sacrifice to buy her a few bouquet of flowers placed in front of the tombstone. "In Luoyang North Mang Chaoyang Cemetery, come to the grave-sweepers," Ms. Zhao told reporters. Similarly, Mr. Wu also held two bouquet of flowers to mourn the relatives of the cemetery, he said, grave-sweepers to rely mainly on mourning, not in the form, and burning incense to the environment is not good.

According to a number of cemetery staff, in recent years, with the change of people's ideas, more and more people jisao with flowers instead of incense, burning paper money, sacrificial way greener, environmental protection, civilization.

Flowers sacrificed to make the flower shop in recent business more. Zhongzhou East Road and Ding Lu intersection a flower shop boss told reporters, many people will buy flowers sacrifices, in addition to the traditional chrysanthemum, white roses and other flowers are favored. Another flower shop in Zhongzhou East Road, the reporter saw the store placed a lot of packaged bouquet. "Now the promotion of civilized sacrifices, the number of people who buy flowers, prepared a number of bouquets in advance for the public to buy." The shop owner said. Remind the wrong peak travel, civilized sacrifice

According to Luoyang North Mang Chaoyang Cemetery staff, a week ago, some people came to Jisao, the last Sunday to Jisao the public about 2000 people, reached a small peak.

"Perhaps we take into account the Qingming Festival Day people, traffic inconvenience, weather and other reasons, the choice of early to Jisao." However, under the influence of traditional ideas, the public will still focus on the day of the Ching Ming Festival and expect to have the highest peak of worship. Staff at another cemetery in Mangshan said they would increase manpower to protect the public jisao safety.

In this respect, the Civil Affairs Department also reminded the general public to avoid the peak of grave graves, at the same time, to civilized, green Jisao, do not burn large offerings in the tomb area. In the mountains to worship graves, if you want to burning, please try to clean up the burning point around the flammable products, or in barrels, basins, worship finished, to extinguish fireworks, lest cause fire.

Author: Li Xiaobo Wen Wangya Pigeon

(Source: Large River Network-Dahe newspaper)

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