Lo: At present, real estate stocks are only promoted by hot money

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Eagle King (00041) the Chairman and managing director, Lo, was asked after the annual general meeting that Hong Kong stocks, especially real estate stocks, had recently risen, and he believed that the promotion was not supported by basic factors, but because of the flood of hot money in Hong Kong, investors should be cautious.  He said that although property stocks have been performing better recently, there are few real estate developers in the field, taking the business of Eagle King as an example, such as the hotel business, because of the low number of foreign visitors and poor business, he said he did not understand the rise of the property stock. He pointed out that although the atmosphere of the Hong Kong stock market had improved, the problems faced by overseas banks had not been resolved and they believed that the economy would be difficult to improve when the money was not fully relaxed, but he pointed out that the fund had ignored the basic factors and thought that small investors should be careful.
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