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Because of the love of cars, after learning to do the station then made a car for the theme of the car Friends Forum, mainly for the local car friends, to the forum as a platform gradually intertwiner more friends, but also in peacetime contacts to introduce some friends to the forum, so gradually developed up. After the forum has developed to a certain extent, began to consider how to use this forum to make a profit, while constantly expanding its size, experience nearly two years of exploration, so far the total number of registered forum, although compared to some large stations, only 3,000 people, but high quality, user's active degree, At the same time also groping and summed up a number of profit channels, so that the profitability of the forum let me basically satisfied.

Today, on the A5 platform where I am learning to be a station, I have more than two years to learn and explore out some of the experience to share with you, as to give me a lot of help and guidance for the good teacher's Thanksgiving, but also hope to do a similar theme forum friends with some inspiration, common progress!

First, the local car Friends forum to promote some experience and experiences

1. The use of Word-of-mouth among friends to promote the increase in user

The use of their friends, and let friends drive their friends, is the forum in the early development of an important method of promotion, the use of this kind of friends between the word of mouth brought by the user is often high quality, for the forum has a higher degree of loyalty, at the same time will be more active, For the active forum atmosphere to promote the development of the Forum has an important role, so for local users of the forum for the initial use of friendship promotion is very important.

2. Upstream Marketing to target users

Because it is the main forum for the car race, I then listen to the advice of friends to the target members of the upstream, that is, spent a little money, the local sales of some of the market have touched, in various markets by hanging banners, send business cards and paper advertising way, So that the local car-buying friends in the purchase of cars can be aware of such a forum, so as to attract their interest, access to more high-quality users.

3. Expansion of downstream markets to target members

Attention to the promotion of the upstream market, must not overlook a large number of target members of the downstream market, this is the local 4S car repair shop and the car beauty shop, the method is basically the same as in the car sales market approach, so that in this link to make up for the promotion before I have bought car friends, The increase in the number of members increased the chance to increase the coverage of forum advertising.

4. Through the offline activities of "high-profile" to promote

When the number of members to develop a certain degree, can be pooled together to organize activities, then we will be with some enthusiastic member friends to carry out a variety of self-driving tour, and even in the urban area to organize some car duty answer service activities, through a variety of activities to promote the Forum to integrate into, So that more potential buyers need to be able to understand our local characteristics of the car Friends forum.

Through these diverse promotional channels, so that I was less than hundred people's local car Friends Forum rapid development, as the main target for local car friends, so the rapid increase in the number of users to enter a stable development period, although the total is not particularly large, but because the quality is relatively high, for the long-term development of the forum has laid a very solid foundation.

Second, on the local car Friends forum profit path exploration and experience

After the development of the Forum to a certain extent, on the one hand, in order to balance the forum to pay the cost of space and domain name, on the other hand, want to make a certain profit through this forum, but also let themselves and management team can be more motivated to do the forum and do a better job, Therefore, combined with the characteristics of the forum to explore and summarize some of the profit experience.

1. Carry out paid offline party activities

The first way to profit is to think of the most easily organized event, the theme of these gatherings is varied, including the self-driving tour of the car club, the barbecue activities between the member friends, singing K, film salon and other activities, each of the activities by charging each member 30 to 50 of the cost, After removing the cost of organization expenses, can create some additional revenue for the forum, this pattern is suitable to make up the forum space expense, cannot make too much money.

2. Cooperation with travel agencies in organizing tourism activities

In order to further expand the scale of the Forum's income, the activities must be upgraded to big, so think of cooperation with travel agencies, in the name of the Forum to organize some foreign and foreign tourism, and travel agencies responsible for the formulation and implementation of the program, through the organization of travel agencies to pay a certain commission and commissions So by virtue of the Forum's appeal every year can successfully organize about two times of tourism activities, which overall income seems to be good.

3. Provide forum advertising for car friends from all walks of life

The Forum's ads, in addition to some affiliate ads, offer many valuable advertising bits to members of the Forum, as a member friend of the industry are engaged in different, some similar to the hotel, catering and various service industry members have the demand for advertising, so that the forum better advertising to provide them with paid, A monthly package of advertising, through this model is not only convenient for members, but also for the forum to bring a good income.

4. Group buy all kinds of auto beauty and other related products

For reference to the current popular mode, group purchase become our forum for the new profit model, in order to and the characteristics of a better combination of the forum, we began to buy auto beauty and other related automotive supplies start, successfully organized a number of group buying activities, both to allow members to get benefits, Also let the forum in cooperation with the local car service provider to obtain a good commission income, for the forum opened a new profit channel.

After more than two years of exploration and summary, we have found that the Www.duduwo.com forum for the local market, with its unique and professional focus, is not as strong as some big forums, but once it has established the niche market and the advantages of the field, A forum like ours can also be a wonderful development, whether for the user to provide convenience and communication, or through the forum to get a good profit, can let us achieve the established goal, I believe in the future on the road with the same dedication and service, we can go farther, better!

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