Local founding of the Forces nouvelles large expansion of six months to set up 20 to raise capital of 7.197 billion yuan

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Half a year out of 20 local venture forces, the large expansion of Frank Tang left the Temasek holding Hong Kong office, the senior Managing director for China investment to create his own venture capital, Goldman Sachs Group China partner Fang has decided to withdraw from day-to-day management work, Create a 2 billion-dollar fund ... With the commencement of the New Partnership Act, with the increasing of domestic capital market, China's policy on RMB funds is gradually relaxed and a lot of positive factors such as gem will be launched, many excellent Chinese managers have keenly discovered new investment opportunities, and a large number of local VC enterprises have broken their shells and Great desire and foreign investment to create a more than the trend. The incomplete statistics of the Qing Ke Research Center show that only in the last six months, the number of domestic VC companies has reached 20, and the available funds are as high as 7.197 billion yuan. According to the research Center's latest "2007 Annual Chinese venture capital and private equity investment rankings", some of China's top domestic ventures have had the strength to compete with foreign investment in the mainland. In "China's top 50 venture capital institutions", the local venture accounted for 26%, of which Shenzhen Innovation Investment Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai joint Venture Investment Management Co., Ltd. and Lenovo Investment Co., Ltd. is ranked among the top 10. This has been almost unimaginable in the past few years. In fact, China's private economy is becoming more and more active, leading to more and more private capital involved in the field of venture. According to the first in the industry to put forward the concept of "venture capital of the new army," The Blue Sea Venture CEO Yang Yi revealed that entrepreneurs through the industry to complete the accumulation, the need to find a new breakthrough to achieve wealth appreciation, in the traditional industry overall meager profit and equity investment in the stimulus of high returns, private capital These local venture capital Nouvelles investment decision-making speed is fast, but the fund amount is relatively few and mostly renminbi fund. Compared with the established foreign investment institutions, they have access to projects that are narrower and less numerous, such as established foreign ventures that can get 100 projects and they only get 10 projects, so they will cherish the 10 projects and hope to improve their visibility through successful cases as soon as possible. Jixun, an investment management partner, told reporters that in the Chinese market, the reputation of VC companies is based on the speed of investment and the number of projects, the more the number of projects, the greater the company's reputation. But the United States is not the case, more is the number of enterprises to withdraw, the size of the amount of exit to measure the success of venture investment enterprises. There are many venture capital enterprises in the United States have entrepreneurial background, which will bring a lot of different management experience, and currently only a handful of venture capital enterprises in China have entrepreneurial background. However, with the accumulation of time, China will gradually mature in this respect. "Relatively speaking, the competition between foreign capital ventures will be more intense, because the cost of entering foreign countries will be higher, labor costs high, equipment is expensive, to venture capital investment enterprise requirements." "said Sean, managing director of Carlyle Investment Group,"And China's VC market is very growth, there are many untapped opportunities in China, if a Chinese VC companies can seize these opportunities, it will be relatively easy to become the industry leader." This is almost impossible in foreign countries, there are huge venture ventures. "Yan, chief partner of the Fund, had previously revealed in an interview with reporters," from 2007 onwards, we have seen a welcome phenomenon, we began to encounter some projects in China's local investors, which was very rare previously, basically more than 95% of the investment, we are the only investors. "" The local private venture to rise again, its ' two-part ' model compared to foreign investment in the ' two outside ' has certain advantages. Especially in the past two years, private ventures and state-owned ventures have expanded rapidly. Bing, Shenzhen Fortune Executive vice president, believes that local private ventures are likely to share high returns with foreign investment ventures.
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