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Introduction to content Construction

1. The importance of content

Multi-angle description of the importance of content construction to the website

2, do the content, is to do savings

To do content, is to decorate a new home, is to do savings

3. Costs and Benefits

The relationship between the input of website content and income

The importance of the content

A, taking history as a mirror is an important means for us to examine and plan many behavioral standards.

The internet is also historical. (The following quote on the construction of the portal part)

The development of Internet is very fast, and the importance of content construction in different periods is different.

In the 90 's, the first web site represented by the portal was a massive rise, at this time of the site to lack of interactivity, and mainly to the site independent release information mainly, referred to as "web1.0" era, about 2002 years, blog, such as a large number of interactive Web site began to rise, at this time the site mainly interactive, the Netizen is the protagonist of the content, The site's editors are being increasingly weakened, or even irrelevant, such sites are referred to as "web2.0".

The development of any thing easily from one extreme to another extreme, web site editing in the development of the Internet also shows the same characteristics.

web1.0 times, web site editors occupy the dominant position of the content, web2.0 era, the site editor is increasingly weakened, but from the current reality of the Internet, a large number of web2.0 Web site, leading to obsession with creative and technology companies have returned to the "content building" track, So the editor of the website is becoming more and more important. Of course, "website editor" with the development of the times, but also increasingly plump, not only news, but also planning, activities, organizations, public opinion guidance, and even website operation.

B, all successful websites, no one does not pay attention to content construction, can even say, the victory in the "content construction."

Traditional major web sites on the content of the input and quality of construction do not explain.

"Interactive" as the main standard web2.0 Web site, now also has a high level of content editing requirements. such as 58 with the city, Taobao and so on. The information is published through strict audit, incomplete information should be deleted or modified.

We may ask, our initial operation of the site is not much information, if the strict treatment of the quality of information, the number is less?

Actually this worry is superfluous!

Netizens come to our website to look at the amount of information, or hope to read the information to get "reading proceeds", if only a large number, but the reading proceeds are very small, even if a lot of no value, but the quality of information, even less, is very valuable, if we are netizens, we will choose which.

At the same time we as the site operators, the initial fight and accumulation is necessary, do not accumulate Bujikuibu and thousands of miles, this is the first step of success, but also a key step.

Step back to speak, the local site, do a better job, also pay attention to the content of the site construction.

We can look around any more successful site, are in the content of the outstanding performance, at least read the income will be very high, such a site will let netizens favor.

C, content construction, is the site's most "fundamental" competitiveness.

We look to the future, if the next 3 years, 5 years, perhaps the use of local Internet is very good, then if the site will be a competition? In addition to content and brand, the other is not too important, and will not be too important, such as the current synchronization of the major domestic portals, functions and brands will not have a greater difference, Mainly is the content construction means and the intensity is different.

For example, in the portal competition, the former Sina is stronger than Sohu, but Sohu to the high price of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Network media exclusive partner, after Sohu has been vaguely access to the first position of China's portal, this is a strong content to the root cause of the input.

The same reason, the future of our strength and competitiveness, in addition to from the function and channel, more are based on the content of the construction and access to user recognition.

D, local content is scarce, a lot of information resources need us to speed up the "occupation"

Many people think that local information is "copy" "Sticky", but this view is wrong. In fact, a lot of information resources in the local area are scarce and can even be enjoyed exclusively.

If the local news, many of them are from government agencies, if we can take the initiative to cooperate with it, then others will not have the opportunity to reprint.

If we work with local law firms to provide local legal online consulting services, then we can take the initiative and other sites will have no chance.

If we build our classified information channel, let people know that recruitment, job search online, we do more comprehensive information, more accurate, more time-sensitive, netizens will produce identity, slowly changed their behavior habits and so on.

In short, the local many professional information, are by local businesses, enterprises, institutions to provide, we first through a full range of content construction to obtain the partner's approval, will continue to obtain the latest, best information to consolidate our market position. If we sell the merchant treasure, the merchant uploads the commodity, the discount, the promotion information, this information is the uniqueness.

Second, do the content, is to make savings

We have to set up to do content, is to do the concept of saving.

Now our absolute allies, more like "guerrillas," hit a gun to change a place, each attack like to get a larger return, so we basically see that channel good, that channel to make money on the assault which, but the actual situation is that the vast majority of each channel do not good, often early smooth, and later very difficult, After starting to feel that the site is difficult to do, or change a channel, but the outcome is basically the same.

There may be many reasons for failure, but more is the lack of planning for our website development, and can not provide users with a higher "reading value", just rely on the function and mode or marketing can not solve all the problems, this link requires a solid content value construction to make up.

Many people may understand the importance of doing content, but rarely adhere to it, the main reason is that the content is "investment", even for others to do wedding clothes. Considered important, but could not be determined to sit down. We look at any one of the more excellent sites in the alliance is not a more solid content.

At this time, we have to establish the idea that the content is to do the "savings."

Why do you say that?

The portal is simple, it is the comprehensive collection of information, the final site is very good, in addition to beauty, function, the amount of content is not the most fundamental measure?

As a netizen, what kind of website will let the user often visit, is the function, or the website has it to need information?

As a businessman, what determines him to advertise, buy products, this needs him to understand that our site is a new, more potential media platform, very practical, low cost and so on.

If we think of the local information as a big jigsaw puzzle, local fixed information, local dynamic information, local practical information, local business information, local authoritative information, we will build this information one by one together, is not finished this puzzle, when we did. First portal, local first media is not finished?

If local users of the localization of information needs can be found on our website, Internet users can be our site as a "home"? Local enterprises and businesses can not hesitate to carry out advertising or business treasure, build stations and other products to buy it?

The answer should be yes.

But all this, we need to complete the jigsaw puzzle, the puzzle has been realized, our portal is a stable "ATM", so we now improve each piece of information, is not completed a small jigsaw puzzle, is constantly doing "savings"?

Iii. Costs and benefits

When we recognize the importance and urgency of building content, we will certainly take into account costs and benefits. The cost of hiring an editor in a place is probably 500~1200 yuan/month, the cost of a year is 6000 to 14400 yuan.

If you hire an editor (in the case of a county, if the size of the city is larger, the proportion increases), according to the editor's Code of Practice provided by the headquarter, together with the joint efforts of the salesman editors, one year's time, the ally can turn its portal into a local "database", "Life edition" and "Shopping Guide". If it can be achieved, not only build stations, Shangjiabao, Yellow Pages and other products will become more simple sales, while the site's advertising will be able to provide a very expensive income.

Generally speaking, our site to do information-rich, flow is very good, a single local leading enterprises or businesses a year of advertising investment will be more than tens of thousands of yuan, where there are many willing or often to advertise businesses and businesses?

City China (www.ccoo.cn) to build the first brand of local portal

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