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This year, a new local Web site, the network, now will I in the publicity of the various expenses to the people, may be helpful to everyone:

1, design logo cost 107 yuan

I was in the Pig eight street issued the task, the direct task price is 107 yuan. This is the first release of the task, there will be to do the logo, if your heart to bear the price is 200 yuan, the proposal to press 100 yuan, so, perhaps 100 yuan can be resolved. If the 100 is not satisfied with the price can be two times, anyway, the same time.

2, the printing business card cost 150 yuan (let others bring back please eat a meal and cost me 80 yuan)

I have a total of 50 boxes of business cards, that is, the kind of full street, paper is also used the most times. However, in the street hair does not need too good business card paper. I want to print on Taobao, because at that time 11544.html "> I contacted one, it seems that Guangzhou's 2.2 yuan per box, but 50 boxes of 10 kilograms of business cards, so it is not appropriate." Later I contacted the ground, the result, is almost the same paper is 8 yuan a box, this is still by the unit often and this business, so give me a discount. Then I contacted Urumqi, is currently 3 yuan a box. And then someone brought it back.

3, printing self-adhesive cost of 1600 yuan

In fact, printed self-adhesive labels can also. Is 5*10 like this kind of specification, forget, each Zhang is 3 points more. Later, I talked about the whole printing of A4, in the Taobao talk about an Anhui Hefei, each is 6 cents. I'm going to print 10,000 copies. As with the business card, if printed, it is too heavy, so it is best to print these things the same province, lest too far, the light is expensive. Then I contacted the Ukrainian city, is 8 cents A, of course, not printing so much, only printed 2000 Zhang. I put a piece of A4 into eight, hehe, the effect is OK.

4, the production banner cost 120 yuan

Oh, this is only done locally. It's the kind of outdoor. It's a spout, not a pasted word. Don't know words is 10 yuan a meter, bargain at most eight yuan. I've got a meeting. Is five yuan a meter, I designed the next, do is two meters a banner. Made 12.

5, labor costs 300 yuan

The network is my personal website. At present I have no team, I alone, commander. So many business cards, so many things to stick out. If I stick it alone, I'm tired. I went directly to the human market to find two lang Zi, help me to send. I just found it today. Say well, the card and self-adhesive paste all finished. If you hide something from me, or spoil it, you won't give me a penny. You'll have to send it tomorrow. The main streets are on.

Remember, the banner is done, but I don't know how to hang it. The front is to hang to Kashgar just when a few of the pedestrian street to sell cold drinks there, but also afraid of Chengguan. I have inquired, do outdoor advertisement need to go to the industry and commerce to register, this registration is free. But still need to go to Ju to apply, this is a big expense. See. Ten can not find an advertising company to hang up.

I'm going to do the wall ads back there. This is not yet inquired. Oh, have informed about, this is how to charge.

Just say so much. I wonder if there is Kashgar. Prepare to also have a Kashgar webmaster party. Just found that Kashgar's webmaster too few. Now 5 people have been contacted and are willing to participate. Add me six people, feel the team is too small. After a busy year, everyone will party. If there is Kashgar to and the webmaster, Welcome to contact me. There are contact methods on my website. Not here.

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