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In the forums often see some webmaster posted asking what type of station is now a promising. Local station is not good. However, more often, when the local station was built, it found a very big problem, that is, the content of the website was not good enough. In particular, local people not building local stations, if not a good place to "guide", it is indeed very difficult to operate this site. And for the profitability of local websites are mainly with local businesses and businesses, of course, if you are in the field when building local websites, it can be described as difficult ah. As the author here in Dongguan to build a well-being of the local portals of premises, quite the beginning quite energetic, day and night in the set forum bulletin, section description, site optimization and other trivial things. However, when the site was officially launched, the problem came again, the biggest problem is that the content does not know how to obtain, after all, they are not working locally, to publish their own hometown things are a bit imaginative to the site, and if by copying other Portal station, but also to make their own content quality not, after all, users read the content will no longer be interested in reading the second pass, if you change the title, then it is easy to let the site has not been formally operational let users feel value Naturally, this is a failure of the users who have been involved in the network in the early stage. Therefore, the acquisition of content will be the first major obstacle in the operation of local websites. Today I use my own experience to share with you what ways I was to get the site content material.

First, tap the size of everyday life

Everyday life, big and small everyday things happen. For example, today's cow who eat the food dishes, which stars yesterday to their hometown to open a concert, the day before yesterday which mall specials, etc. These are everyday things happen. So when we want to build the site of this place, we naturally hope that this information can be from their own web site to the network, while these trivial things together, every day, naturally, a lot of content can be placed on the site. The contents of many places on the site are these trivial things. Especially if your writing is good, some of the original content on the emotional aspects that is not at hand? These ever-changing content, a subject can write more than N articles, such as love, then write some love-related articles more Let local users interested. Because of the emotional type of article who is never wrong, but also the coverage of the subject matter is very wide. Of course, you can let your friends and colleagues like to write some help, but these articles do not use space is too long, do not infringe copyright and so on, so for the local website did not source content is a good way.

Second, details of the local tourist attractions

Each place has its own unique attractions, such as Guilin landscape in Guangxi, Huangshan in Anhui, Chongqing dam, Hubei Three Gorges, and so on, and each place has many small attractions. So when we write content to the site of these natural attractions of the article certainly can not let go. One of the attractions can write at least ten articles, and there are dozens of attractions in a place? The source of the article does not exist? You may say you do not know what to write. Here I give an example here, for example, we do the local station in Guangxi, and the choice of attractions is this Guilin landscape, then we can write that the history of Guilin landscape written in one, another look, we should write As far as possible to write the details of the Department, so combined, the content of the site is not coming? And can also introduce the local customs or travel matters needing attention, when to play the best and the like, can be used as the site content source. In fact, as long as you dig dig digging, attractions articles are still very good to write, just like the world of Guilin, Chen Miao, like the world, if you also write such an article, then the content of the site do not worry. Hey, may be a bit big target, but take the source of the article from the tourist attractions is indeed very normal.

Third, leveraging the local television news

If a region does not have its own TV station that is impossible, and like Dongguan Dongguan 1, Dongguan 2, Shenzhen, Shenzhen TV, and these television channels which let us tap the sources of content. Daily news coverage is one of the best sources of access. Just as I ran a site in Qingyuan some time ago, of which every day must see Qingyuan TV news, and this is where I get the latest news sources. Teach you a little trick, we look at the news, first need to come up with pen and paper, or go to the official website of the television station, in which some of the news related to ordinary users to record, and then we combined with their own style to polish , So a timely news report is not on the line? Of course, here I give a little trick, one of every television station must have news in the morning, and we must see these news because every morning need to be updated Website content, we need to dig from here to update the contents of the day.

The content acquisition method for local websites is actually very much, for example, with the business cooperation, real estate agencies, businesses, schools, newspapers and so on these can dig out the content. In fact, no matter where you do the site, as long as the local users quite understand, know what they need, what to pursue, how to chase, and then combine these issues naturally have no worries about the source of the content.

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