Local website development experience: Social communication and people coordination is particularly important

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Hello everyone, I am wu webmaster, I did a local site in May 2011, the site experienced 10 months of development, now the membership reached more than 2000, visitors daily also between 2000-5000, I get the most in this 10 months is to do the experience of the station process, In particular, social communication and human coordination in my opinion is the key to the success of my local website.

July 11, the local Web site by the search engine listed as the 8th place, at that time to hold a large bicycle association, I was from a friend to get this information, so I found a friend, finally through a friend to find the host unit, In the process of communication with the organizer, I explained that I want to undertake the Internet propaganda part of this games, after some negotiations, the final determination of three points: 1 by myself responsible for the Internet publicity costs. 2. Payment of sponsorship fee is 5000 yuan. 3. The Internet publicity right of the games is owned by me. Through the publicity of the Games, my website in a short period of 1 months, there are more than 500 official members, from which we can see the importance of social communication, then local Web site development How to do a good job of social exchanges and people for coordination?

Learn a reasonable disadvantage

The above example can be seen, I am not only free to help others dozen ads, but also the obligation to dedicate thousands of yuan, perhaps in many people's opinion it is not worth it, but you should change the angle to think about the problem, the games are organized by the Government, My website can board a partner of this name in the public seems to be at least do is: legitimate, well-known sites, so the site's members can multiply. Of course, this loss also has a certain limit, if he asked me to take 10,000 out, I will take it? That certainly will not, because 10,000 yuan money can invite local television station to do an advertisement propaganda, why do I need to superfluous? Therefore, the webmaster in the operation of the site must learn to reasonable disadvantage.

Two. Use of social relations to pave the ground

With the continuous development of the Internet, now more and more network industry and entities involved together, the local site is especially so, want to run a local site, relying on search engine optimization is not possible, but also to go out to develop social relations, if you eat in the local, there is a local website, Every activity can pull on your website, you also worry about the site did not develop? Even if the search engine rankings do not matter, as long as you have a good relationship, the vast number of people know your site, thousands of times a day search, in turn, if the user search more, the search engine will not recognize your site? Your website will be ranked in a straight line.

Three. Learn newspaper advertising business

Perhaps a lot of webmasters are thinking that I have not much money in hand, there is no better social relations, then what should I do? This time can consider the newspaper this way, every place has the local more well-known newspaper media, find three of them, out of the annual fee to advertise, The cost of each year is about 1000, imagine if every day there are 50,000 people read this newspaper, take out One-tenth of your site to see the domain name, will be in mind with a better impression in mind, when he needs to know some things online, your site will be the first choice, Each city is probably more than 1 million people, so for a long time, your website visibility will be greatly improved, and then queued to let you advertise a lot of people.

The above three points is a local website development whole process recommendation method, the development of a local Web site must not be derailed with the development of the real society, to understand the local site is for the real social services, that is, for the real-world businesses to advertise for profit, if you do not even think of this, Then quickly give up to do the local site, do other sites will be better, this article from the www.jxxsjled.cn weight loss drugs list, reproduced please reserve, thank you.

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