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"Water Occasion" Network Planning Center in the work has been advocating such a view: The local site in the simple use of SEO to achieve the ranking of keywords, but also as honest in the content of the expansion of your site.

At the height of the Internet development this year, the emergence of new sites can be said to be endless. If said, when everyone has a website, when the technology is no longer the focus of the site, but considering the weight of the site, search engines will be corresponding to the site into a "369" and so on.

"Water occasions" in the construction of "Chongqing Wulong Shock Animation Training Network (www.wl3d.com)", there is not too much attention to consider the ranking of keywords. Because in the relevant website, such as "anime", "animation training" and other related keywords of the competitiveness is very strong. So "water occasion" in the acceptance of "Chongqing Wulong Shock Animation Training Network (www.wl3d.com)" Network planning, set up a number of daily updates to the content of the column, such as "Industry Information", "Campus peripheral", "technical exchange", while establishing an interactive platform, This site has 30-50 updates every day. After one months of efforts, the website finally aroused the interest of Baidu, basically updated the content of the day the next day included, so that the flow of the site to basically maintain about 600.

"Water Occasion" Network Planning Center in this case, summed up, the local site relies on search engine survival strategy mainly include:

First, let the search engine take you seriously. Pay attention to the importance of the chain, consciously choose your site outside the chain, do not simply look at the level of PR, but also to see the other site in the search engine status how!

Second, the development of search engine on your site regularity. Adhere to the regular update their own web site, so that the search engine has a regular visit to your site. Remember, update 1 articles a day for 10 days is more than 10 days to update 10 articles better!

Third to first make the spider eat fresh food. Improve the content of the original site, so that search engines have spit out a lot of times the food it will not eat!

This article by "Water Occasion" Network Planning Center www.wl3d.com Webmaster to provide

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