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Preface: E-commerce, in the country, has a lot of years of history, even at the end of the century, the domestic rise of e-commerce boom, and all kinds of universities have opened E-commerce professional courses, the relevant departments even carried out the examination level courses. After more than 10 years of popularity, we are still very happy to discuss this topic.

The domestic Internet, the lack of reflective spirit, in these more than 10 years of development, we can not count how many wave of Shangsheng and death, death and life cycle, but still can not stop the heat, sometimes high fever, sometimes madness. Any Internet model or product, if not for the electricity business, seems to be behind the general.

Some time ago, about the traditional industries, especially based on the localization of the Internet, is also a constant debate, everyone saw a huge market, the industry and the Internet to combine the road, we can still hurt it?

Traditional industry to do the electrical business: no retreat options

Recent contact with a traditional industry to do electric business case (based on respect for business partners, hidden to the relevant information, a number of years engaged in home appliance distribution business, in the local have a decent strength, have their own home appliances stores, more storage base, their own logistics team, more than 10 years of development, although not with Suning and other giants to contend with, But also out of their own heaven and earth, in recent years, due to the impact of the electricity industry, has retreated, and has begun to join the various types of platform to the electricity business, but the main source of income, but not the electricity quotient.

Why is this? The electricity quotient may walk the quantity, the quantity is many, may find the factory to have the bargaining space, but now the factory also is doing each kind of platform electricity quotient, the profit space step by step reduces, but own team structure cost is relatively fixed, the expense is big. The warehouse in the early stage of primitive accumulation was a help, because the warehousing industry themselves found a way to make money by cash flow.

The sense of crisis let him choose to do platform electricity quotient, but now there is a sense of the platform, because the national competition is too fierce, regional competition pressure from manufacturers and other agents, retail part, is also old, can not have the slightest mishap, in addition to bullish on the trend of the electricity business, so now he built a local electric business platform is also paving the way for the future

Regional Internet platform to do the electricity business: looks very beautiful localization

Referring to the localization of traditional industries, a lot of good words will be greeted, trends, economy, precision, grounding gas and so on. The company chose to cooperate is a local portal, with millions of registered netizens, Alexa ranked within 5,000, can be said to be in the local precision flow and user aspects, there is no shortage, this is a lot of electric business platform is a dream of a state.

Active Forum Netizen, Youboy's activity popularity, the local most formidable internet platform, the brand fame first, the technical development strength also first, already has the multiple app application, the mobile user also has more than 50,000 foundation. In addition to localized entity advertising replacement, almost no need to do any publicity on other platforms, in many electric business still silently for traffic worry, mass CPM, SEM, with the most accurate local people, covering millions of of consumers of the Internet platform has been successfully operating for many years.

It seems that a combination of the two, a near-perfect chain will be formed: platform, flow, users, warehousing, logistics, distribution and other factors can be perfect solution.

However, in the depth of contact a few times, the station is still decided, temporarily do not cooperate.

Mature market, mature platform, mature industry, in the depth of the discussion with the station, we found a few major problems based on the localization of the electrical business. Although this case has not been completed, we should be able to absorb some of the questions about the localization of the electrical business from this, to give the latter some experience and continue to discuss the topic.

Platform electric quotient structure overload three or four line city unbearable

In the context of an excessive focus on Internet products and the user experience, a good Internet products, especially the electric business platform products is undoubtedly very necessary, under the conditions of technology permitting, based on the experience of the Internet over the years, the development of a set of products based on the localization of the electric business platform is no problem.

The difficulty lies in the operation of the platform, the new platform, in the personnel structure, because it is combined with the traditional industry, even if it is not cooperative, independent operation platform, but also need to form a new set of team, in the short term can not be profitable, as a general, especially customer service personnel, if you do platform electric business, Only on the traditional industry questions and answers, although the Home appliance business Customer service team support, but still difficult to ensure the quality of service.

If the localization platform electric business to do the whole industry, or choose some more "fat" industry, but these industry practitioners, in the three or four-line city MO to talk about electricity business, is the basis of Internet marketing, do not have.

The platform that involves a number of industries, in the organizational structure, it is not a general local Web site can be steered, even if only involved in an industry.

It is difficult to get into the professional and deep state for the understanding of the profession and the operation of the electric business platform.

If the localization platform solves its own logistics distribution, it will face the problem of high cost and safety, such as outsourcing, the service is not controllable.

In the organizational structure, talent is also such a kind of city difficult to cross the gap, although the city of colleges and universities, but the Internet and it atmosphere is still in the technical aspects of software development, the electric business operating atmosphere is very weak, in addition to the high price introduced to rural talent outside, it is very difficult in a very short period of time to establish a complete set of talent team.

Multi-party encirclement and suppression independent platform breakout embattled

In communication, we encounter two practical problems that are difficult to solve: 1. What consumers want to shop on the local electric platform? 2. What unique services can we offer?

The first question seems to be a good answer, for example: We are more reliable after the sale, we deliver faster. The second question, does not seem to be too big question, because the maternal website's various activities and the website atmosphere, has formed the good internet ecology, inside the Netizen stickiness is very high, the interaction is very good. Through various promotional activities, offline communication, can also solve some of the problems.

However, we should note that: active in the large-scale platform of electricity today, if not the absolute price advantage, it is difficult to attract consumers to purchase a single consumption, in the localization of the electricity business services, especially to the terminal service staff, but also a mixed bag, despite the injection of standard system, but the service is difficult with the management of large companies, If there is a service problem, it will lead to the parent company's brand impact. Even sometimes, localized logistics will take longer to distribute. Traditional industry warehousing has not yet realized completely electronic out of the library, will affect real-time inventory updates, there is a hidden danger.

Price advantage, for the localization of the electric business is not the absolute advantage. Logistics is now very convenient, and the agent's price advantage is not the absolute advantage, the electricity trader's surface pricing right in the short term, appears in the electric business platform, in the long run, has the commodity production the factory, only then finally has the pricing power, especially the strong commodity, for instance the early liquor product strict pricing strategy agent system.

The user's dependence on the platform is based on the long-term use of the original Mother platform (community, portal) habits, and the new electric business platform shopping habits can be formed, but also face Taobao, cat, other platforms, the encirclement and suppression of electric dealers.

Services, it is difficult to unify the promotion of the industry involved in the localization of service standards, especially related to similar real estate, home decoration, automobiles, electrical appliances and other bulk consumption, more emphasis on services, localized service standards may not be able to reach the psychological expectations of netizens.

Service problem, is also a large number of platform for the problem of electric dealers, for example, a power business platform has recently been the official forced to modify customer orders, mandatory cancellation of customer orders, low prices to attract users to pay, refused to ship, mandatory user returns, long-term not shipping, the same customer with a problem, different customer service different commitments and other types of complaints, Even the official microblog of the Commercial and Industrial branch of the platform, after receiving constant complaints, also openly called on the platform to strengthen its own service management, which also highlights the current service of the electrical business sector pain.

Even so, based on localized services, it may look small and beautiful, but it will also cover hundreds of thousands of or millions of of the family, the daily order processing is inevitable error, although not like this appliance business as malicious deal with the problem, but tune, service characteristics and service standards is a great challenge. #p # subtitle #e#

Profit model limited localization electricity dealers want to make money is not easy

At present, the major electric platform according to different have a certain cost, some platform and platform to use fees, and another 5% to 32% of the deduction point, for businesses is a huge burden, and there are platforms and warehousing requirements, that is, Yahuo or pay a certain deposit. Some platforms also need to be equipped with pre-sales customer service, a year based on platform cost is less than 100,000, more than millions, and the traditional industry to build their own electric business platform, looks like will save money, in fact, the lack of flow support.

In the early days, local distributors can make investment in a free way, but in the long run, still do not have the absolute advantage of competition with the big Platform electric quotient, although the flow is big, though accurate, but also confine only to one city, the category of sale has the limitation, in the shipment quantity cannot compete with the big platform. In the short term, the sale of goods based on local businesses may be more suitable for localization, but it is contrary to the structure of the local platform electric operators and has limited profitability. For platform merchants, the test is in the operating capacity of each electric platform and its own product profitability, money or not sour self-knowledge.

Macroscopic view, the current big platform electricity quotient, more emphasis is the cash flow profit, the real electric quotient part, also has not entered the consummation profit pattern. More, in the layout based on logistics, warehousing, land, capital and other aspects of the premium and consolidation of cash, rather than relying entirely on the cost of collecting businesses to make money.

If the localization of electric business platform, want to rely on the platform itself to profit, in addition to play its own user advantages, the selection of the above mentioned in the large consumer industry into the electricity quotient, there is a certain opportunity, but the market maturity is not enough, or the so-called electric business model is not the pure sense of the However, in the long run, the complexity of the platform is a common urban Web site platform unbearable. However, the impact of large electric business platforms will also be lacking in service and depth in these industries. It still takes time to make a profit entirely by business operation, and it is not conducive to a good ecological establishment.

To sum up, whether it is a localized integrated electric business platform, or a simple industry of the electric business platform, in the short term still can not form a rapid success of the model, even if it succeeds, it is not accidental and luck, but a strong operation, product, economic and other comprehensive strength of the show.

Challenges and opportunities coexist in depth O2O or as the road to the future

For a localized website or a business that wants to engage in a localized electrical business, the advantages and disadvantages of the big platform is also obvious, in the Zhuolu, it is difficult to get a cup of soup in the complex market environment, but the local customer group advantage is very obvious, another kind of small and beautiful form may be more suitable for local electric power quotient, In addition to the previous article on the small tail goods sales clearance mode, or simple quality and quantity of group buying, we should pay attention to the bulk of the industry consumption.

Similar to real estate, automobiles, decoration, marriage and other industries, is currently the head of household consumption, and such consumption, ordinary electric business is difficult to do, but online display, online interaction, online screening, offline experience and consumer services are more suitable, which is what we call the O2O. It is also more suitable for localized websites to operate.

Localized Internet sites, generally community-oriented, more like a complete social ecology, everyone has their own identity role, many young people from growth, work, love, buy a house, decorate, marry, have children, buy a car and so on life important events, will actively or participate in all kinds of interaction and sharing, Such sharing forms a unique community ecology.

Localized businesses, especially in such large industries, and local customers rarely go online to shop through the national electric-business platform, and local businesses should work very their own internet marketing.

The merchant should understand the localization O2O electric quotient

The so-called O2O, more image said, is not a set of products or based on a platform, but a business principle, is based on a variety of product mix and marketing practices, stimulate customer purchase desire, and transform and form Word-of-mouth marketing, continuous purchase, reserve purchase, Circle Purchase, Small organizations around buyers activate the socialization of marketing methods and business ecology. Based on this ecology, we have to understand the unique advantages of localization:

1. The person you are looking for is looking for you, how to find you?

We go to Taobao, use search, when we want to understand goods or services, will search for relevant information, since the local internet has huge customer resources. And how to let more people know you?

Simple advertising can not solve the marketing problem, as a social group, we should think about their own buying habits, consumers do not have the obligation to tell you his needs, and they are very knowledgeable about their needs of a group of people.

Internet users, more attention to their own feelings, willing to be respected, be identified, so deep interaction, emotional interaction is a prerequisite for success, this is by any sales rhetoric can not solve the problem.

2. Spread wildfire became a known secret.

Internet users shopping, the most like the pursuit of cost-effective, many of the popularity of the site is also the case, netizens are more willing to pursue a better, more cost-effective, more practical and reliable products.

The role of any industry in the localization of electricity business, in fact, as with traditional marketing, we can also shape their reputation and brand, traditional marketing, we are one-way to spread.

The traditional industry merchant of localization electric business, do not rely too much on Internet products, but to attach importance to the positioning and packaging of their own brands, everyone has a position in social relations, but also others give you a definition, in the localization O2O process, this is a symbol, is Bai Fumi or Gaofu or cock silk, You can paint like white paper.

Localization of electrical business, compared with the traditional electronic business interaction, but also more emphasis on interaction, the traditional industry business, should be passive for the initiative. Also do not rely too much on the Internet platform, which requires a keen insight and transformation of customer needs.

Be good at mastering seed customers, let the seed customers become again consumption, continuous consumption customers, and then slowly into the circle layer can lead to consumption and even consumers become your sales staff, help you to form a chain of small organizations.

Low cost is the advantage of the Internet, the advantage of localization is less investment, quick results, as far as possible to choose a lower cost, so that more people become your disseminator, and sometimes marketing does not necessarily I shout out my products how good, nor what you did recommend will roadshow, may be the usual sentence, a small gift, a statement, A free service, a picture, a good performance of a public event.

All of this, not because of your product, price is good, but in the establishment of customer trust for local businesses, this trust is also the unique advantages of localization, trust will enhance Word-of-mouth transmission, but also brand and product services spread wildfire into a well-known secret of the magic weapon.

Businesses do not send spam ads, provide an effective service, users can quickly find in line with their needs of businesses, products and services, interactive formation of a good ecology, but only localization to achieve fine classification, for the future development of local Internet, meticulous depth of service, professional vertical is the inevitable development of the road. More than 10 years of development, the domestic electrical business is still in the exploration, localization of electricity business is so, the station needs to do is to understand the needs of traditional industries, provide and grafting, nurture and adhere to the good local internet ecology. More professional than the merchant, more than businessmen understand the needs of users, the establishment of their own brand customers, the formation of professional Advisory Network marketing, not casually overdraft their own brand credibility, this is the future localization of electric operators are the magic weapon. (Text/Ningjie network Xinyu)

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