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Companies like Foursquare, Facebook and Yelp are already well positioned to use this technology, but the mobile gaming market is just beginning to work on how to better integrate positioning technologies. Isuppli predicts that by the end of 2011, with the increase in mobile computing power, local gaming will add a built-in GPS to the four-fifths of handsets to create a bigger market.

If 2010 is the beginning of positioning technology, the next few months will provide more complex and diverse local games. As these types of games are just beginning to develop, it will have 5 major trends in guiding the mobile gaming business and in the new direction.

1. Marketing: To provide users with better trading

Local highly targeted ads will appear as part of the gaming experience in order to reduce advertising prices and increase revenue. As a means to solve some of the complex problems of discount codes, or to compete for another customer looking for a better coupon, gaming and location-based marketing will drive forward by giving users a tightly integrated experience. More importantly, the user experience will be more fluid with the addition of advertising and an encouraging gaming experience than it is now and then interrupted.

2. Social Games: A new kind of social network

As the location is integrated, mobile gaming will no longer be limited to direct competitors (people who play games with controllers) but will connect players from around the globe. By leveraging people's geographical location and social network connections, the game will allow players in a city (not just the friends they know in the real world) to play with. In fact, each game will serve as its own social network, through location-based protocols, to connect people from all parts of the region.

3. Real-World interaction: Stepping out of the door and exploring

Next-generation location-based games will not only include locations, they will change depending on the player's position. Another example of a game that satisfies the market is that the app directs users to take photos, record videos or perform actions in a particular location in their city, and interact with other players by uploading them to PK. Companies will use these strategies, by means of participation and entertainment, to attract new and old customers.

4. Local is Local: focus on design

Location-based games are not just a place to rank a group of people, it is to set up and create a real game experience. Your street, the structure of the building next door, as far as possible, designers will add these to the game with real personalities. The designer set this layout to be more closely linked to the player's emotions and to get them more interested in the game.

5. Game: Make ordinary Fun

Game developers will use positioning to achieve the game, converting day-to-day activities for the player through the game can do. Add some real-world tasks to your game, such as taking a dog for a walk or buying some daily necessities, to lure you into the game. In the end, this will greatly increase the advertising ratings and increase the rate of return, the user spent in the application of the longer time, the spread will be more extensive, the more user evaluation. Some branded products, which serve as key indicators to measure the success of their applications and marketing campaigns.

In a word, in fact, based on the location of the game vendors for many enterprises to build an advertising platform, in giving everyone "medals" at the same time, from the enterprise where the real gold and silver.

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