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"Super Net Silver" on the first day performance low-key access to convenient services, consumers pay more attention to cross-sectoral charges

Led by the central Bank of the second generation of online payments across the clearing system-"super Net Silver", 30th, officially online, but the first day on the line did not appear the upsurge of user focus, on the contrary, most of the Bank business Network "Super Net Silver" business slightly deserted, The reporter inquired several downtown Guangzhou business outlets all said temporarily no one opened "Super Net Silver" business. "Super Net Silver" first day low-key on-line.

Cross-bank funds in real time to account

Savers and businesses benefit most

The biggest beneficiaries of the super net silver will be the vast majority of bank depositors. Each enterprises and institutions and individuals generally open a number of bank accounts. In the past, account owners need to log on to different bank sites to inquire about account information before they can get information about each account. According to the central bank, and the traditional network of silver "multiple accounts need to log in several times" is different, "super Net Silver" system will achieve the commercial bank net Silver Port connection, the individual or the enterprise may through the unified operation interface, inquires, manages in several commercial banks open the settlement account funds, finally may realize the Trans-bank account management, Financial activities such as trans-bank funds transfers.

Pudong Hair Bank staff Shi Jianhua introduced, super net silver remittance limit is 50,000 yuan, to small and medium-sized enterprises and individual customers are beneficial. The transfer was a few hours in the past and is now available for immediate transfer.

Mr. Li, a Shanghai depositor, said in an interview that the Super net will connect the banks ' networks, and the future may be able to handle the business of each bank.

Cai Coujin, head of finance at a Guangdong company, said she had been paying attention to the progress of the "Super Net Silver" business and would apply for a "super net silver" business. Many of her company's business needs to be paid in the province, if the receiving and paying parties of a remittance business open an account in the same bank, the funds can be paid in real time, and when the receiving and paying parties do not open an account with the same bank, the payment instruction needs to be transferred or converted between multiple nodes and systems, and the business processing time is longer and generally takes 1-2 After the "Super Net Silver" on-line, can realize the function such as the Cross Bank account inquiry and the net silver real-time trans-bank transfer, will greatly simplify the enterprise Finance Department's work.

Good for small and medium banks

But the cross-bank charging standard is uncertain

"The Super net silver has no obvious impact on the competition between banks, but it will have many advantages to improve the banking services, it can effectively solve the problem that the banks are inefficient in the interbank payment and the long time to account, and it is good for every bank to get the bill." "Shi Jianhua thinks. He also introduced that the Super network silver on the line will be beneficial to small and medium-sized banks, because the small and medium banks flexible services, more convenient, through the Super net silver, is conducive to attracting more customers. However, in order to view the accounts of different banks on the super net, it is still necessary to apply for net bank in the open banks, and to sign a cross-Web browsing agreement.

"It is undeniable that the ' super Net Silver ' will bring more thinking to the banks ' competitiveness and service improvement. "The financial director of a financial institution in Guangzhou said Wang Feng, now the major small and medium-sized banking services fees collection standards are not uniform, the channel construction also has a great difference." Some large state-owned banks are committed to the establishment of business outlets and ATM machines, more outlets, more market share, and some small commercial banks in the channels and outlets can not contend with, the use of low-cost services to participate in competition, the same is 10,000 yuan, some large state-owned banks charge 45 yuan-50 yuan, But some small banks have a minimum charge of 2 yuan. Super NET Silver "after the opening, some small commercial banks ' charging advantage will be highlighted, more outlets, large banks dealing with large business will face full competition in the market, how to improve the corresponding services, they need to seriously consider the problem.

"Super Net Silver" Cross-industry charges are the focus of attention at present. Analysis by the industry, due to the different rates of banking services, the system is likely to maintain the status quo, in the consumer operation of Cross-sectoral business is still in accordance with the original cost of the bank charges.

NET Silver service more convenient

Paying or having an impact on a third party

"If there is an impact, the biggest impact will probably be paid by third parties," he said. "The industry's analysis. The central bank's plan, in addition to facilitating the bank's online banking services, could squeeze the increasingly powerful Third-party payment platform such as Alipay.

It is said that the Super Net Silver system can provide both individual and unit users with a trans-line, cross bank account and account inquiries, as well as business functions such as cross deduction, Third-party payment, and third party authorization that the current payment system cannot achieve. This has an impact on the rising number of third-party payments.

China's third party payment market was close to $600 billion last year and is expected to break through trillions in two years, according to the survey. The third party payment platform takes the form of an intermediary account. Take Alipay as an example, the user first put the money into the Alipay account, and then pay the balance of Alipay to pay. Analysis of the industry, in order to facilitate online transactions, enhance security, while the Third-party payment platform also brought about the deposit of funds, money-laundering, cash, the impact of real money, and so on.

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