Lok Tao introduced the disabled half-price buy shoes policy, avoid travel embarrassment

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Lok Tao Network recently for the disabled groups gave half-price buy shoes preferential policies. Online shoes To avoid the embarrassment of travel, while at half price to sell a shoe to customers, but also reduce their living burden.

It is reported that Lok Amoy Network is a vertical type of business website, the main service is selling shoes. For this service, the explanation is: this is not a public good cause, this is our strategy, bought shoes disabled people will introduce Amoy to the surrounding friends, so in the long run, Le Tao did not lose money. Buy shoes at half price This special service for the disabled, Lok Tao Net intends to write to the customer handbook, long-term implementation.

Lok Tao Network advocates is "all customer-centric." In fact, this is not a new proposition, in the retail industry, customers are always God. It is the basic logic and principle of doing business to win the market by increasing the satisfaction of consumers. The principle was perfectly interpreted in zappos--, the Amazon's Web site, which the Americans call shoe sales: Zappos moved the warehouse near the airport of United Parcel Service (UPS Express), although Zappos promised to deliver it within 4 days, but usually Customers can receive the shoes they ordered the next day. This strategy beyond customer expectations has won a large number of repeat customers. Zappos to customers to make a commitment, if they feel that shoes are not suitable, delivery and return of freight are free. After being summed up as, "shoes suitable to wear, not suitable to change."

Coincidentally, the excellent Amazon Wang Hanwa in early 2009 also mentioned that e-commerce into the "service for the King" era. Wang Hanwa that E-commerce has stepped into a service-centered phase, customer experience will become a network mall's core competitiveness. Excellent Amazon in this regard to do a lot of work, such as "genuine Guarantee", "false a penalty of two", "15 days unconditional return" and so on, reduce consumer concerns about online shopping, enhance the confidence of the net purchase.

"Service is king" is easy to say, but not many people can really do it. Lok Tao Network is one of the practitioners. Consumers on the internet to sell goods more doubts, worry about vendors and a mixed bag, Lok Tao net to consumers promise is: false one lose ten. In addition, Lok Amoy Network also launched a free rejection, free return of goods, to ensure the interests of consumers. For consumers the most sensitive price issues, Lok Tao Network has taken. There is no obvious advantage in the logistics of the Lok Tao network registered members have more than 400,000 people, daily sales have been thousands of orders. This seems to confirm the "service is king" correctness.

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