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"Science and technology News" September 25, lol "> League of the United States S2 today updated the 44th Week Free Heroes, 10 new heroes each unique, Super DPS War goddess Chiville, Meat shield Gem Knight Tariq, more difficult to operate the dark Fuhrer Sidarthur.

As the saying goes, there is no force hero, only passable players, each hero to use to the extreme will play an unexpected effect. So which hero do you want to use to open the way to the supernatural?

Here are some of the 10 extraordinary heroes who have been updated this week!

Crystal Phoenix Ainivia

Ice shooter Ash

Desert Death Nethers

The Wandering Mage Rui

Alchemist Singid

War Goddess Chiville

Jewel Knight Tariq

Deep-sea Titan Nottilles

The shadow of war Hekarim

Dark Fuhrer Sidarthur

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