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"Technology News" June 23 information, "I am very aware of the confusion, I will try to explain our current W change ideas."

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Basically, when we started to change the hero, we focused on making it more usable, and our initial changes to the big strokes were a weakened version of the changes you saw today in your test suit. We are most satisfied with the current version of the move, but there are some flaws in the basic level of the hero, because we let his very stable to protect the team-mates of the big strokes, now can "jump to the opposite side of the row", and there are 650 of the range. The two mechanisms do not have much meaning to each other, so we are going to readjust and reduce the W-Ability's casting range, but increase its sprint speed so that he can adjust his position more effectively and keep his teammates closer. That's why we've turned his injury from a fixed injury to a percentage injury; We hope that the goal of W is more difficult to perceive, so that you will have a better experience in W, and the kind of hero who has to dash across the face of the brittle skin ... "View Details"

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