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& ">nbsp; "Science and Technology" July 16 information, from the same day (July 16) to July 29, the "League of Heroes" (abbreviation: LOL) will open the Rune page gold coins 75 percent on sale, which is also in the last 1 years, the "League of Heroes" for the first time to open gold coins to purchase the Rune page. At the same time, the "infinite Firepower" mode, which is loved by the players, will be opened again on July 18 ~7 month 31st. The League of Heroes expects players to be "fully fired" in the calling division Canyon with a variety of rune combinations.

In the "League of Heroes" (short: LOL) in the actual combat, whether it is the top of the professional arena confrontation, or the game between ordinary players, with the version of the changes in the properties of the continuous adjustment, Rune Collocation has been highly professional players with the majority of the attention of the popular information. More rune combinations mean players can create more tactical ideas at the same time, you can try more heroes who need special Rune collocation to show their power, and the typical character is the wandering Mage Raze: skill growth requires him to pursue more mana than spell strength, and fixed mana glyph can cause higher damage. , moving the essence of speed to make him in the line to take up a small advantage. Free two-page rune, apparently not enough to make a full tactical attempt on the players ... "View Details"

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