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& ">nbsp; Recently, fist Company designer Riotscruffy in the official forum to share his scorpion redo plan. He also shared the results of his tests on official forums and said: "I will continue to modify the scorpion." "Hey, players, it's been a long time since we met."     Now, I will continue to modify the Scorpion, and my previous modifications have been tested with good feedback.   After the Q skill has the attack speed addition, the Scorpion's overall skill design is more consistent with the hero's characteristic, his clear field ability and the wild area encounters the ability to become stronger, this is a good feedback.   The move speed of the W skill increases his ability to pursue in combat. E is a bit tangled, and we've done a few tests. Some people prefer the ' next attack ' version that results in an extra effect, while others dislike it.   If I have a good solution, I will also tell you, just outside, I also have a new understanding of the e-skills change.   For the big strokes of the modification, is simply great, now the success rate of the big recruit people greatly improved, this is what the player would like to see. In addition, I also hope that the Scorpion will be a little new skin, I will do something about it. ”
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