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Hello everyone, I am the Phantom of the Rain. I have written two articles, "long tail keyword mining techniques: Figure out four questions" and "long tail keyword mining techniques two: Do three aspects, in these two articles I give you talk about my experience of the long tail of the excavation work of some understanding of the word, Today I want to be on the basis of these understanding to give you another important technique of digging long tail Keywords: analysis of user psychology.

The analysis of user psychology is a very important skill in digging the long tail keyword, mastering the user's psychology, we will be able to better and faster mining the key words of high conversion rate. Everyone knows that if a website has good content, plus a very good user experience, to attract users to come, and can stick to the user, such a site can be said to be the best site, even if your site is not the current ranking, the future will be very good for their own site profitability will also be great. And we analyze the user's psychological mining long tail keyword many times is in doing user experience, in doing the site stickiness, in doing high-quality content. So exactly how to do the analysis of user psychology mining long tail keywords? Let me give you a summary of some of my experience, I hope that these experiences can help!

1, the analysis of user psychology more from the user point of view.

The purpose of digging long tail keyword is to let the user search these long tail keyword when can find our website, visit our website, bring benefit to our website. The first step, of course, is to know what the user needs, and here we need to analyze the user's psychology well. Below to give you a brief introduction from the user's point of view when thinking about some of the common need to pay attention to the situation, here I want to optimize the site: integrated ceiling first Network for example.

A, first of all, the study of user search of the main keywords, to these main keywords as the extension of all the long tail keyword BASIC. I carefully analyzed the integrated ceiling industry related to some knowledge, found that users in search of the time, the need to find information is likely to include such as integrated ceiling, integrated ceiling network, integrated ceiling brand, China integrated ceiling network, the top ten integrated ceiling brands, integrated ceiling to join, investment, integrated ceiling prices and other key words, or integrated ceiling of the major brands of keywords.

B, second, study the user's search habits, and then on the basis of the main keyword based on user search habits to expand the long tail keyword. Most people in the search for information, in addition to the beginning of the simple diagram, only to search for short keywords, usually to the keyword plus some modified words. For example, if users want to know the meaning of "integrated ceiling", it is likely to search "integrated ceiling is what" "integrated ceiling meaning" and other long tail words. Many times to the main keyword plus "what" "how" "How" "good" "why" and other words is a very consistent with the user search habits of a long tail keyword. The study of user habits is a long-term work, to the entire industry contact is very deep to be able to do more than twice.

C, moreover, study the user exactly what kind of information, find out the purpose of user search for a message is clearly ambiguous. For example, search "integrated ceiling", he is to do is not so clear, and search "integrated ceiling is what" is very clear to tell us he wants to know "integrated ceiling" meaning. Then we provide them with the information they want, and if they have the best quality information, according to the needs of the users. Give them what they need, give them the best, what we can and must do well.

D, finally, the study of user search keyword conversion rate, popular point is to study the user search keywords in the end can give this site what kind of benefits. This is to do long tail keyword mining process is a crucial point, hope that the blow can be well grasped. Obviously, the "integrated ceiling is what" the conversion rate is very low, and like "Integrated ceiling join" "Integrated ceiling price" and other words conversion rate will be relatively high.

2, after the analysis of user psychology to provide users with the best needs.

Digging Long tail keyword is the ultimate goal is to provide users with the most accurate quality needs, and then through the user for our website to create benefits. This is a very good virtuous circle, only we do well, users will like us, will be happy to create value for us. Urgent user urgency, to the user needs, through the long tail keyword layout and sophisticated content construction, our site will certainly be better and more efficient. What we have to do here is two points:

A, long tail keyword layout. A lot of times a main keyword can be derived from the modifier word dozens of long tail keywords, we must pay special attention to play their own imagination, as far as possible, each of the main keywords can be derived from the long tail words are found, and then write beautiful articles for the word. In addition, according to different time layout different long tail keyword, for example, a period of time, "integrated ceiling to join" The word is very hot, do some of this keyword long tail, like "integrated ceiling join how" is very good a long tail, but if another period of time, the word heat reduced, "integrated ceiling price" The word is hot, and we need to change the strategy to do the long tail of the word.

B, excellent content construction. Many times although there are many long tail keywords are dug out, but because their content is inferior to many, search engines will not recommend your site to users, so for the site is very unfavorable. Said content for the king, do a good job of the content, that is, the site has advantages, but also to meet the needs of users, why not? Of course, to do a good job of the content is a lot of energy to do, because this site is relatively large, to do the content is very difficult. Here the sophisticated content must be to achieve relevance, authority, originality, but also a large number of sex. Think for the user, do the most comprehensive and best content.

All right, I'm talking about "long tail keyword excavator QIAO three: Analysis User Psychology" These views are introduced here, hope everybody can like! Friends who want to communicate with me please add my qq:357457170

This article by the virtual son rain, integrated ceiling Network (http://www.china-jcdd.com) network series published, Welcome to reprint, reprint, please keep this link, thank you for your cooperation!

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