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Keywords themselves adsense promotion traffic for years search engines

Every webmaster and promotion personnel according to the situation of their website to find your website to promote the direction of rapid profit, only to gain the benefit of the promotion of the end is a good promotion------above is my several years to do the station some concrete experience, good crap not much said to the text, The aim is to summarize the experience in recent years to give everyone a tip less detours. Maybe you go to do the following 1.2 of the promotion of a period of time after the summary of experience, then flow in front of!

Advice: Promotion is a continuous accumulation of the process, the result is often counterproductive. To do a website is actually a long process of learning experience, need you to use the brain more to think more implementation. So that we can have a better future.

First, find http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/31881.html "> Mass software, and even spend money to buy, what all-round marketing, forum small assistants, QQ mass, Amoy Baoqing hair, Xinglong merchants, post-mouth and so on, But the technique of mass and the method still need to pay attention to some. I'm not excluding mass. In some people's hands is a weapon, and in some people's hands is a bomb. Believe that you will realize some principles.

Second, learn more to learn to SEO, see SEO Articles to carry out, and soon harvest will have, but need a time of the process, the key to see the webmaster how patient, for and novice still need to learn some.

Third, through the observation of Baidu Vane, find the relevant content of their own website keywords to a large forum website to promote posts, but pay attention to the way.

Four, through the collation of the topic of the form of statistical promotion, the use of appropriate, the effect is also good!

V. Website Group Promotion: Most of the stationmaster is the station group development, has the music station, then comes a flash station, then comes the website station, or the picture station novel station and so on, uses the station group each other to carry the flow, promotes your various kinds of websites to make money. But beginners may still need a period of accumulation to work!

Six, to join the text chain Exchange Group to promote, such a text chain site more, QQ Webmaster Group is countless. Especially the entertainment site to do this is really a lot of, the flow of their own to replace, generate more traffic.

Seven, QQ and other instant messaging software promotion, sent to their QQ friends to recommend and so on.

Eight, natural ranking: Do a good job after the site, to submit Baidu Googel Yahoo and other search engines, behave to do the page and friendship links, and so on search engines to collect their own, to obtain relevant traffic to make money. To the new hands of the master to remind, do a good job search engine natural ranking is nothing but to pay attention to such a few points:

1. Pay attention to the external link (short chain) quality and quantity

2. The internal structure of the site rationalization, within the chain is also important, possible cases, the use of more than two domain names, two-level domain name and the link between the main station is very effective, the search engine to the two-level domain name as a stand-alone site treatment.

3. The page structure optimization of own website, Title,h1,strong and so on label must use

4. Page static, page and level two domain name more and more dominant

5. Frequently update the content of the page of course to add some of their own things

Nine, Baidu know love ask and so on promotion, this promotion does the effect quite remarkable, oneself sends an article to pretend the novice to ask: where downloads the code most beautiful. Then his vest on the answer to their own web site, such as my grand recommend what. Transform different IDs, every day to send a 2.3, why 2.3, because Baidu on the same site more than a few times will seal your ID remember!!!! And then answer for yourself, this, dozens of dollars a day is very simple. Baidu's search results, all put their own bar and Baidu know put in the search results in the front (although the mass of poor products, selfishness is also understandable), therefore, the benefits are obvious.

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