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Longwen: There is no rule of scale too much attention to development speed and quantity, ignoring the implementation of standardization management and the restriction of supervision and funds, let Longwen education become a Domino text that is about to collapse. Recently, the letter of Li and other institutions to Longwen education injected 450 million yuan, the domestic education industry in recent years the largest equity PE investment. It is reported that Longwen education outlets up to more than 1000, covering more than 50 cities nationwide. And the financing will continue to be used for network expansion and early childhood education, to prepare for the listing. However, can 450 million financing make Longwen education go on the road of listing successfully? Longwen education has always claimed to be "good faith school" for the purpose of "teacher counseling" as the core, "personalized teaching" as the characteristics. But its sheer size and rapid expansion have raised concerns about the quality of teaching that has long been questioned. A media has been exposed, in Longwen a branch, the process of recruiting teachers can be neglected, the qualifications of teachers have not been taken seriously, the entry contract is empty talk. By the end of the probationary period, the school will dismiss the teacher for a trumped-up charge. This phenomenon is prevalent in the city's Longwen campus, the purpose of which is to save costs. Glimpse。 Education and training institutions belong to the human resource-intensive industries, teachers to pay insurance after the positive, and constantly recruit and then fired before the positive, although it can save a large amount of expenditure, but the cost-saving way of the brand, is tantamount to destroying the Great Wall. The deeper crisis lies in the internal management of Longwen education. In Longwen, the headmaster is divided into "City principals and general principals". The headmaster usually holds a part of the shares, of which the city principal's dividend parameter is the highest, taking the first-tier city as an example, the annual dividend can reach more than 300,000. At the same time, city principals have the right to decide who will be the general principals and participate in the sharing of Longwen's business results. This branch of management is widely used in domestic educational institutions, but the problem is that the promotion of the principal of the Longwen is clearly "no chapter to follow". Cronyism and Longwen are common phenomena. There is no strict selection and implementation, supervision mechanism, Longwen from the Principal level has been a general decline in quality. On the other hand, similar to most educational institutions, Longwen educational institutions are centered on the first-line cities and gradually reach the two or three-tier cities. However, as Longwen continues to horse-race, its funds appear stretched, headquarters is difficult to have enough funds to support the extension of the campus, for the two or three-line city principals, only rely on their revenue to expand the number of branches. But the problem is that the two or three-line city market share itself is not large, a three-tier city annual turnover is only 1 million yuan, the branches in the scramble for limited market share, cost control has become an important means. This cost control, in addition to controlling the salaries of teachers, but also to control the rent. As a result, apart from the frequent change of teaching staff, the environment of the training establishments in the branch schools has become very poor. Still, the profitability of the campuses remains poor, and the city's principal is recount. Under the temptation of the red, the city president not only to the branches of the "cost-for-profit" phenomenon open one eye closedOne eye, even more than the Longwen headquarters in a hurry to develop the number of branches, the goal is that the east is not bright West, there is always a branch will be profitable, to make up for the losses of other branches of the loss, forming a vicious circle. Too much emphasis on the speed and quantity of development, ignoring the implementation of standardized management and supervision and funding constraints, so that Longwen education into a collapse of the dominoes. Many consumers have expressed dissatisfaction with the poor teaching environment and the quality of teaching. Shing, Longwen the management of the internal slack will become the last straw to overwhelm the camel. When Nasdaq closed its doors to Chinese educational institutions, it was not only longwen education, but also the educational institutions of China, which had to be combed by itself, when the whole industry became unusually impetuous under the impetus of capital.
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